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MMO Year in Review: Come on baby Light No Fire (December 2023)

We're finally coming to our recap of the last month of 2023 and the end of this recap series with our poke into December,...

MMO Year in Review: The Worldsoul Saga (November 2023)

November played host to BlizzCon, the first in-person show for Blizzard in years, and while overall it wasn't spectacular, World of Warcraft fans were...

MMO Year in Review: Angry Earth, hungry Microsoft (October 2023)

New World opened the gates of its Rise of the Angry Earth expansion this month, driving its servers and queues to capacity all over...
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MMO Year in Review: The next EverQuest Next (September 2023)

Daybreak parent company EG7 attempted to woo investors in September with nebulous plans for a new EverQuest MMORPG, perhaps the long-rumored EverQuest III -...

MMO Year in Review: The mage’s tower (August 2023)

August hasn't always been a month for major MMO launches, but 2023 certainly didn't disappoint, with Guild Wars 2's expansion Secrets of the Obscure...
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MMO Year in Review: Dawn of the Entrails (July 2023)

Final Fantasy XIV unveiled its next expansion, Dawntrail, in July of this year, setting in motion what we expect will be a full year...

The Daily Grind: What MMO-related thing do you want to remember from 2023?

I did not have a good 2023. (Trust me, unless you're a personal friend, you don't know the half of it.) But now the...

MMO Year in Review: Returning to Morrowind (June 2023)

Elder Scrolls Online launched its Necrom expansion in June, sending players both to mainland Morrowind and to the spooky realm of Hermaeus Mora. Meanwhile, Swords...

MMO Year in Review: Second breakfast (May 2023)

May brought interesting news for fans of Lord of the Rings, as Amazon and Embracer announced that they're working on yet another LOTR MMORPG,...

MMO Year in Review: Crisis maps (April 2023)

Trouble continued brewing at Activision-Blizzard in April as UK regulators made clear their intent to impede Microsoft's acquisition, Blizzard MAUs and revenues sank in...

MMO Year in Review: Press F7 for E3 (March 2023)

The bloodbath across the industry continued in March with layoffs at everything from EA and Disney to CCP Games and Twitch - and the...

MMO Year in Review: Amazon’s expanding empire (February 2023)

Amazon Games continued expanding its games publishing arm in February of this year, owing to the anticipated announcement that it would be taking on...

MMO Year in Review: NetEase versus Blizzard (January 2023)

The end of the year means time to look forward to where we're going - but also to look back at where our genre...
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MMO Year in Review: The FTC strikes back (December 2022)

December used to be one of those months when nothing happened, but the last few years, companies have treated December like the after-business-hours-on-a-Friday dumping...

MMO Year in Review: Blizzard China (November 2022)

At the tail end of this month, World of Warcraft released the Dragonflight expansion, the full weight of which wasn't really felt until December....

MMO Year in Review: Embers and Brimstone (October 2022)

New World picked October to launch its comeback with the Brimstone Sands launch that drove concurrency with a new leveling experience, zone, and weapon...

MMO Year in Review: The Lich King (September 2022)

September was dominated by the ramp up of WoW Classic into its Wrath of the Lich King expansion launch, which was marred by entirely...

MMO Year in Review: DUNE, Neptune, and Island Sanctuaries (August 2022)

Funcom took the wraps off DUNE Awakening at Gamescom in August as the studio returned to calling the game an "open world survival MMO." Meanwhile,...

MMO Year in Review: Smedleyfaire (July 2022)

New World, which had been suffering playerbase losses all year, began its resurge in July of 2022, thanks to its Medleyfaire update and event,...
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The Daily Grind: What’s the biggest MMO thing you want to remember from 2022?

Every year I go through the same cycle wherein I forget that eggnog doesn't sit well with me any more, so I buy eggnog...