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MMO Year in Review: The FTC strikes back (December 2022)

December used to be one of those months when nothing happened, but the last few years, companies have treated December like the after-business-hours-on-a-Friday dumping...

MMO Year in Review: Blizzard China (November 2022)

At the tail end of this month, World of Warcraft released the Dragonflight expansion, the full weight of which wasn't really felt until December....

MMO Year in Review: Embers and Brimstone (October 2022)

New World picked October to launch its comeback with the Brimstone Sands launch that drove concurrency with a new leveling experience, zone, and weapon...

MMO Year in Review: The Lich King (September 2022)

September was dominated by the ramp up of WoW Classic into its Wrath of the Lich King expansion launch, which was marred by entirely...

MMO Year in Review: DUNE, Neptune, and Island Sanctuaries (August 2022)

Funcom took the wraps off DUNE Awakening at Gamescom in August as the studio returned to calling the game an "open world survival MMO." Meanwhile,...

MMO Year in Review: Smedleyfaire (July 2022)

New World, which had been suffering playerbase losses all year, began its resurge in July of 2022, thanks to its Medleyfaire update and event,...
Boredom ensues.

The Daily Grind: What’s the biggest MMO thing you want to remember from 2022?

Every year I go through the same cycle wherein I forget that eggnog doesn't sit well with me any more, so I buy eggnog...

MMO Year in Review: High Isle and Diablo Immoral (June 2022)

Elder Scrolls Online's big High Isle chapter launched in June of this year, but you'd never know it because all MMO players - and...

MMO Year in Review: Press F for another Marvel MMO (May 2022)

Daybreak canceled yet another MMO in the month of May; in fact, this one marked the second time it's canceled a Marvel MMO, and...
You knew this image was going to show up at some point during these articles. Be thankful it only happened at the end.

MMO Year in Review: Leaky Blizzard and Lord Blockchain (April 2022)

Following a massive leak, Blizzard officially announced World of Warcraft Dragonflight and WoW Classic Wrath of the Lich King in April of 2022, all set...

MMO Year in Review: From Ukraine aid to Throne and Liberty (March 2022)

The industry response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine exploded in March of 2022, as companies from Activision-Blizzard to EA donated money, rescued workers, ran...

MMO Year in Review: End of Dragons, Lost Ark (February 2022)

February is generally a quiet month in the MMORPG genre, but not in 2022. Not only did Guild Wars 2 launch its blockbuster End...
In a world of human wreckage.

MMO Year in Review: Microsoft has entered the chat (January 2022)

It's that time again - the time when we look back over all the big stories of the year and round them up in...
It alters.

The Daily Grind: Are there MMOs you feel you missed out on in 2022?

Between my job here and my job as a reviewer elsewhere, I play a lot of video games for work. I also play a...

MMO Year in Review: Endwalker, Cryptic, and Crowfall (December 2021)

The final month of 2021 didn't let up. We had some great news, such as the launch of ArcheAge under Kakao and the release...

MMO Year in Review: The Marvel MMO, $400M, and Blizzard’s decline (November 2021)

What would you say to another Marvel MMO? Hopefully yes, as Daybreak's parent company let slip in November that it's working on one -...

MMO Year in Review: Elyon, Book of Travels, and Queue World (October 2021)

I always joke that we're not an uptime monitor, but it sure seemed as if we had to be in October as we chronicled...

MMO Year in Review: Old genre, New World (September 2021)

New World stole the fall season: It's the biggest launch the MMORPG has seen in several years, so it only made sense that people...
Are we good now? Do you love us yet?

MMO Year in Review: Bless redux (August 2021)

The Bless franchise had yet another go at the western gaming market this month as Neowiz and Round8 formally launched Bless Unleashed for PC...
Excuse me, what?

MMO Year in Review: The Blizzard lawsuit (July 2021)

July started out so well, you guys. We had two major MMORPG releases right off the bat: Crowfall and Swords of Legends Online, which...