Virtual reality helps push mobile gaming to new heights

Virtual reality helps push mobile gaming to new heights

Due to the rise of virtual reality headsets and the support that studios are giving them, market research firm SuperData started including sales of such games in its 2016 annual report. When it did this, the firm made a surprising discovery: revenue from mobile gaming (which now includes VR titles) make up fully half of the sales in the digital games industry.

“The mobile games market generated $40.6 billion in worldwide revenue in 2016 — a sum equivalent to all global box office sales during the same time period — and grew 18% over the year before. Mobile games now account for half of the entire global digital games market,” SuperData relayed.

Samsung Gear sold the most VR units last year, moving 4.5 million headsets out of the 6.3 million total. The report said that Asia was by far the largest market for mobile gaming, generating $24.8 billion last year (in comparison, North American sales were only $6.9 billion). VR revenue only represents a fraction of the worldwide digital games market, clocking in at $1.8 billion in sales for 2016.

Source: Superdata

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Melissa McDonald

Back in May Google stated they’d sold over 5 million Cardboard visors. There are thousands of Cardboard-compatible VR apps, and now Cardboard even works with iPhone. And this is the low end of the pool for VR, too. Even so, it’s quite amazing to me. Showing people who have never seen modern VR technology things that make their jaws drop and hearing their exclamations of amazement is one of my favourite things in the whole world. I’m like Janie Appleseed with my Cardboard 2.0 and GearVR visors, walking the earth, spreading the news. I show people how you can travel in VR and see the world with smart phone/cardboard apps like ORBULUS. I blow their minds with actual VR video experiences from JAUNT. I scare the crap out of them with any one of dozens of horror VR apps that raise the bar to new levels of creepy no flatscreen game has ever touched.
And those are just the low end. Can’t wait for the Rift and Vive to put out their next generation of untethered visors. Then it’s gonna get mighty interesting.

Karl Hungus

You mean the two areas of gaming I could care the least about are teaming up? Cool.


When I look back at pc gaming, there were some great titles in the past with a lot of quality we really don’t see anymore. They look prettier now but they’re pretty shallow by comparison.

If mobile follows the same pattern… think of how bad they’re going to be if they make the first generation games look good.

Sally Bowls

Not sure how much is cause vs effect, but there was a recent article “GDC State of the Industry: Most devs think mobile VR/AR is the future”

Since mobile is increasingly the largest/fastest-growing gaming platform, it is not a huge surprise if it is for VR.

Patreon Donor

tl;dr mbile makes up half of game sales world wide, including free vr headset adapter unit apps (non specified).