Asheron’s Call fan project saves as much info as it can


Now more than a week following the closure of Asheron’s Call, the fight to save the game might only be heating up.

Over on The True Saviors of Asheron’s Call, a non-sanctioned fan effort to preserve and restore the game via emulator has taken its first big step by backing up as much info as possible before the shutdown.

“Thanks to the MASSIVE amount of data that was collected over the last few weeks, our developers now have the means to hopefully re-create AC as close as possible to what we once knew and loved,” the site posted. “In the end, our valiant data miners were able to capture over 131 million packets containing over 224 million total game messages.”

Warner Bros. and Turbine previously stated that it could not discuss Asheron’s Call until February 1st, but a hoped-for announcement has so far failed to materialize.

Meanwhile, the other two Asheron’s Call campaigns are still kicking about on Facebook. Asheron’s Call Resurrection is still attempting to talk with WB, raising funds from supporters, and working on a possible emulator. “We are currently waiting to hear back from the Vice President of Warner Brothers this week about our previous discussion. The process is slow and grueling but we must endure,” the group posted on January 29th.

Members of the Save Asheron’s Call group, meanwhile, are working on a write-in letter campaign to WB execs and sounds like they might be exploring the idea of creating a spiritual successor. “Warner Brothers is still being engaged on a daily to weekly basis, and we are still trying to get them to open up about why they are being so closed lip,” they said on February 6th. [We’re told the group leaders are not directing this movement and have threatened to remove “grassroots” efforts from the group if they “interfere” with formal negotiations.]

Source: The True Saviors of Asheron’s Call. Thanks Curtis and Mitch! We updated our original story to clarify that the leadership pf the Save AC group is not directing the letter campaign.

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Asheron’s Call Resurrection are scammers, looking for free cash from people thinking they are doing something. They are taking advantage of people that are upset about the closing of AC. The day the closing was announced they set up the gofundme. They did this without any knowledge of costs or even if WB was willing to work with anyone.

I told them what they are doing looks fishy and they should retract the gofundme. I was nice, and polite. I was quickly banned from the group and my post deleted.

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Jack Pipsam

I have been following both groups on Facebook, the idea that they’re still attempting to approach Warner Brothers is interesting.

I suspect it might be a case of getting in contact with the right person, they claimed to have spoken to the Vice President (although it could just be someone else the email went too). Although it’s hard to say. I mean Warner doesn’t care much about the IP (I mean why would they?). But they still wouldn’t want to risk their IP going into the hands of a group. Or they wouldn’t want to deal with the hassle over such a small IP.

I hope it gets somewhere.


The saddest part of this effort was how much missed opportunity existed when the servers were being attacked.