Revelation Online’s guilds can give you a boost up

Revelation Online’s guilds can give you a boost up

Let’s just put this right out there: You definitely are going to want to join a guild in Revelation Online unless you genuinely enjoy having fewer stats than everyone else in the game.

This is thanks to Revelation’s character cultivation system. Essentially, it allows guilds to build up a spot in their base so that all members can train up bonus skill points. Both guilds and individual players will need to pay into the system for those rewards using (among other things) fruit. Plumblossom Fruit to be exact.

And just in case you were wondering if you could join a guild, get the extra stats, and then take off with them… you can’t: “The caveat being that it is guild-centric passive, thus leaving a guild will disable the ability until you re-join a guild that has character cultivate unlocked. Until that point, you will retain your cultivation progress, but not be able to enjoy its effects outside of a guild, or within a guild that does not have the passive unlocked for its members.”

Revelation Online soft launched this week as a free-to-play title. Curious about it but too lazy to install? MOP’s MJ will be streaming it at 8:00 p.m.!

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Unrelated but – am I the only one super bothered by the fact that characters tilt at like a 40 degree angle when turning while running? Holy crap, started playing last night and that’s driving me completely insane.


You can turn that off. Go into options and look in the second column for the checkbox “disable character lean.” It’s near the bottom. The change should apply to any alts, too. That annoyed me as well.


I like the lean myself.