PSA: Get a free game if you pre-order Absolver at


Even though it’s not a full-bore MMORPG, Absolver has drawn our attention with its interesting concept, unique look, and mix-and-match fighting styles. Plus, masks. We are always suckers for people in cool masks.

With Absolver coming out next Tuesday on August 29th, there will undoubtedly be several ways to buy it., most well-known for re-releasing classic games, is making a play for your purchase by offering a free game if you pre-order Absolver right now. Even better, the whole deal is 10% off. It’s not a huge discount, to be sure, but even a small break on a brand-new game is welcome.

So for the next few days, if you pre-order Absolver for $27 through, you will also get a copy of 2016’s Furi and a couple of cosmetic items.

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Furi is a kickass singleplayer game if you’ve never played it before.

Jack Kerras

I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve played of Absolver so far. I believe I’ll have no issue whatsoever finding $30 worth of fun in here. :)