Official Site: Absolver on Steam
Studio: Devolver Digital and Sloclap
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Online Action Combat RPG
Business Model: M/A
Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4

Absolver has spent 2018 so far testing and tweaking combat

We haven’t talked much about multiplayer combat title Absolver since the new year, so let’s get caught up, shall we? At the tail end of January, Slowclap and Devolver pushed out two patches designed to balance combat style attributes and attacks. Actually, the first one did that, and the second one rolled some of the changes back. In February, the teams kicked off an open beta on Steam, which might sound odd since this is a launched game we’re talking about here, but it’s more like a PTS for testing even more combat changes.

Apparently, that test went well, as Devolver is planning another one. “The objective of this beta is to test some changes to the combat gameplay, gather feedback and data, and finally validate or not these changes for the next official patch,” it said over the weekend. Specifically, expect alterations to ducking and jumping avoidance moves, stamina costs, damage, stopping attacks, build-up moves, and a number of skills.

The companies are also running a mask design contest. Winners will be awarded a combination of cash and the honor of seeing their submission in the game itself.


Absolver patches in a new 3v3 gameplay mode

Sparring with your enemies one-on-one is always fun, but sometimes it’s even more fun to be fighting back-to-back with your allies in a fight for dominance. That’s exactly what you get in the latest Absolver patch, which adds in the new 3v3 Overtake PvP mode. Players form two teams of three, and both sides fight together to defeat the other side. Teamwork, obviously, is the name of the game.

The patch also adds in new 1v1 private matches for more formalized duels, a new shop with weapons, gear, and emotes, and the usual quality of life improvements. You can check out the full list of improvements in the game’s patch notes, or you can check out the patch trailer just below. And if you’re already sold at the prospect of a 3v3 mode but don’t yet own the game, it’s on sale for half the price through the weekend, so you can get down with a discount.

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Absolver’s latest patch targets stability, bugs, and crossover masks

Absolver’s received a “major” update this week. It’s masks. No really, it’s crossover masks based on Devolver’s Digital’s other titles. OK, so that’s not really the meat of the patch, but it might be the fluffy highlight.

The game has received mixed reviews on Steam since its launch three weeks ago; critics point to its poor controls, brief PvE storyline, and connectivity issues while praising its excellent combat system and developer responsiveness. Fortunately, some of those problems are meant to be fixed by this patch as the team aims to “correct launch week frustrations“:

“The fixes include updates to online connection stability, server relays in specific territories, save file corruptions and several other tweaks to smooth out reproducible bugs reported by the Absolver community.”

The team states it’s sold 250,000 copies of the game to date; loot system and endgame reward retooling is still on the way. The update trailer is included below.

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Jukebox Heroes: Music from Destiny 2, LOTRO, Absolver, Black Desert, and Champions Online

Apologies for being extensively absent from this column over the last few months! Every day the Massively OP offices are deluged with fan mail demanding, “Bring back Jukebox Heroes! Where is Jukebox Heroes? How can I survive without that epic MMO music to get me through the week?”

To which I can only mutter something about a classified mission to Paraguay, being adopted by a jaguar for six weeks, and subsequently finding myself co-starring with The Rock on his latest escapade. It’s all in the line of duty when you are an MMO reporter.

But I am back, and boy is there a lot of news to talk about this week! Let us catch up on the MMORPG music scene and see what is happening with Destiny 2, Lord of the Rings Online, Absolver, Black Desert, and Champions Online already!

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The Hive Leader looks at Absolver and Legends of Equestria

Have 10 minutes or so and want some serious, hard-hitting analysis of a pair of online RPGs? You best go elsewhere, because we are about to venture into the territory of The Hive Leader once again.

This YouTuber recently took a look at both Legends of Equestria and Absolver in his search for entertainment. Of the former, he says the MMO is “surprisingly good” and is the first My Little Pony(ish) game that he would let his daughter play. He did criticize it a little for its lack of voice acting and an incredibly small in-game map.

As for Absolver, The Hive Leader had a few upbeat things to say about its combat, but said that once the novelty of that wore off, he was left with a “mediocre [Dark] Souls-like.” Check them both out after the break!

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Absolver struggles with server stability in the wake of its successful launch

Success can be a double-edged sword, especially if one isn’t prepared for it. Developer Sloclap is discovering this over the past week, as its popular multiplayer brawler Absolver is being crushed under the weight of players attempting to log in and enjoy the new title.

The biggest issues since launch concern server instability, lag, and connectivity, with some players simply unable to log into the game (and in fact, Polygon notes that Oceania servers weren’t even turned on until later).

“Overall game stability is the top priority here,” said the developer on Twitter Monday. “We apologize for the online issues you are encountering.”

Absolver has been regularly patching in an attempt to shore up the game before the launch crowd grows too impatient and quits (or worse, demands a refund). Other issues that the team is attempting to resolve include corrupted saves on the PlayStation 4 and allowing players to break through regional locks to hang out with friends.

Source: Polygon


Absolver is kind of crushing it following its release

It may not be in the top 10 of the most-populated games on Steam right now, but Absolver is doing extremely well for itself following its release earlier this week.

Devolver Digital, the game’s publisher, said that the multiplayer fighter has become the company’s “biggest launch ever.” While no sales figures have been given, the publisher said that it was seeing more than 30,000 players enjoying the game concurrently on Steam and PlayStation 4 (presumably, this doesn’t include those coming from GOG.com, the other online retailer handling the game). Steam Charts show a peak of 18,921 players on launch day, a number that has settled down to around 10,000 on average.

“Devolver is super proud and honored to be working with Sloclap on their ambitious first game, Absolver, which has been our biggest game launch ever, both in terms of revenue and concurrent users, and the size of our egos,” said a spokesperson for Devolver Digital.

The devs are currently focused on creating fixes for server issues, lag, and corrupted save games that plague some players’ experiences. An Xbox One release is said to be slated for later this year.

Source: PC Games NVG247


Absolver launches with a flurry of kicks, punches, and prospects

“Strange men in masks are not to be trusted.” Wise words from the classic film Princess Bride, and advice that we carry with us as we head into Absolver today. If you can rip your eyes away from Destiny 2 for a hot minute, you might see that there’s a pretty interesting multiplayer title launching right now that’s full of potential.

Absolver is an action-RPG in which players take on the role of masked “Prospects” who roam the land and get into fights with a customizable combat system. It’s out right now for both PC and PlayStation 4 and can be grabbed on Steam or GOG.com.

There’s a lot more to come past the Day One excitement. Coming soon to the game are several features including private matches, a spectator option, and a 3v3 combat trial. Get caught up on all of the Absolver news to date after the break!

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Absolver teases tomorrow’s launch with a sweet new trailer

Absolver’s unique style of multiplayer online combat is set to go live on Steam and PS4 tomorrow, and Devolver Digital has a new trailer out today to hype the launch.

The fanbase has previously griped about the short PvE campaign and region-locked PvP, the latter of which will presumably remain the core of the game post-launch.

The base game is currently on sale for $26.99 on PC; there are apparently no plans for irritating microtransactions or a season pass-like subscription, just expansions as needed. Anybody diving in? Trailer is a go!

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PSA: Get a free game if you pre-order Absolver at GOG.com

Even though it’s not a full-bore MMORPG, Absolver has drawn our attention with its interesting concept, unique look, and mix-and-match fighting styles. Plus, masks. We are always suckers for people in cool masks.

With Absolver coming out next Tuesday on August 29th, there will undoubtedly be several ways to buy it. GOG.com, most well-known for re-releasing classic games, is making a play for your purchase by offering a free game if you pre-order Absolver right now. Even better, the whole deal is 10% off. It’s not a huge discount, to be sure, but even a small break on a brand-new game is welcome.

So for the next few days, if you pre-order Absolver for $27 through GOG.com, you will also get a copy of 2016’s Furi and a couple of cosmetic items.

Source: Twitter


Absolver shows off its grouping options in a new video

It should come as no real surprise that Absolver is not a private journey (otherwise we wouldn’t really cover it here), and thus there are different ways to team up with other players and take on the dangers to be found in the game world. A new video just below details the ways in which players can work together, starting by just teaming up in a group of up to three players to punch, kick, and otherwise brawl across the landscape. It’s an old style of group gameplay, but why mess with something that already works?

Experienced players can also mentor less-experienced players and give these lower-level characters access to combos that might otherwise be locked off, so you can play the part of the wizened master if you so desire. Last but not least, you can always take on other players in structured competitive PvP, even if the game is only starting with one-on-one best-of-five sparring matches. Check out everything in the video just below.

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Absolver shows off the basics of character creation and equipment

When you play Absolver, your character’s face is a mask. You don’t get to see more than that. But there’s still room for character creation despite that; players can choose different genders and hairstyles, after all. A new video from the game’s development team shows off the character creation as well as what it means to have a game where character faces are never seen, moving customization in a different direction altogether.

Obviously, this means offering players a wide variety of outfit choices and ways to differentiate characters thusly; the flip side is that players will have to carefully consider the properties of each piece of equipment. More defensive gear is often heavier and will slow players more, while lighter gear might not blunt the impact of a blow to the same degree. Check out the full video below for a look at creation, lore, and armor all in one place.

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Betawatch: Dark and Light shines a light on early access (July 21, 2017)

For everything, there is a season, turn turn turn. We’ve bid farewell to Albion Online this week, as it has launched properly and thus no longer qualifies as being in beta, but we also can say hello to the early access period for Dark and Light. Seriously, that just came out of nowhere, after ages of delays. It’s kind of awesome like that. So hooray for new early access!

We also bid farewell to Gigantic as it reaches its official launch. It’s like everyone graduating from college, although in this case college is full of supposed tests that are mostly a matter of building notoriety and… huh. That analogy works surprisingly well.

More testing news? Of course, friends, of course.

Well, after all of that I’m sure everyone wants to retreat to the safety of the list of games in testing, yes? I know I do. It’s down below, and you can feel free to scroll through it and let us know if we’re missing something important in the comments.

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