Absolver has spent 2018 so far testing and tweaking combat

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We haven’t talked much about multiplayer combat title Absolver since the new year, so let’s get caught up, shall we?¬†At the tail end of January, Slowclap and Devolver pushed out two patches designed to balance combat style attributes and attacks. Actually, the first one did that, and the second one rolled some of the changes back. In February, the teams kicked off an open beta on Steam, which might sound odd since this is a launched game we’re talking about here, but it’s more like a PTS for testing even more combat changes.

Apparently, that test went well, as Devolver is planning another one. “The objective of this beta is to test some changes to the combat gameplay, gather feedback and data, and finally validate or not these changes for the next official patch,” it said over the weekend. Specifically, expect alterations to ducking and jumping avoidance moves, stamina costs, damage, stopping attacks, build-up moves, and a number of skills.

The companies are also running a mask design contest. Winners will be awarded a combination of cash and the honor of seeing their submission in the game itself.

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