The Hive Leader looks at Absolver and Legends of Equestria


Have 10 minutes or so and want some serious, hard-hitting analysis of a pair of online RPGs? You best go elsewhere, because we are about to venture into the territory of The Hive Leader once again.

This YouTuber recently took a look at both Legends of Equestria and Absolver in his search for entertainment. Of the former, he says the MMO is “surprisingly good” and is the first My Little Pony(ish) game that he would let his daughter play. He did criticize it a little for its lack of voice acting and an incredibly small in-game map.

As for Absolver, The Hive Leader had a few upbeat things to say about its combat, but said that once the novelty of that wore off, he was left with a “mediocre [Dark] Souls-like.” Check them both out after the break!

Source: YouTube
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