Behaviour’s DEATHGARDEN survival shooter hits early access, is free-to-play right now

Behaviour’s DEATHGARDEN survival shooter hits early access, is free-to-play right now

What’s Behaviour Interactive been up to since taking Eternal Crusade free-to-play, pondering a battle royale mode, and being sued by Bethsoft? Getting its caps lock button stuck, for one, or so it appears from the title of its next big thing, DEATHGARDEN, which soft-launched into early access on Steam this week. It’s basically an asymmetric first-person multiplayer shooter/battle royale hybrid, with Absolver-like stylings and a Most Dangerous Game/Hunger Games flair.

“Set in the near future, DEATHGARDEN revolves around a spectacular real blood sport that became the most popular entertainment on the planet. Players choose to team up as one of the five agile Runners or to embody the Hunter, a heavily armed competitor whose mission is to kill the Runners, preventing them from escaping The Garden. Deathgarden pits individual cunning against strategy and teamwork–a lone but lethal Hunter against a team of dextrous Runners. Both sides must prove their skills and take control of the procedurally-generated Garden.”

The game is set to hit PS4 and Xbox One early next year; in the meantime, PC players can check it out for free on Steam through August 21st.

Source: Official site, Steam. Thanks, Kinya!

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Behavior’s also kind of known for something much more successful, aka Dead By Daylight, an asymmetrical 4v1 game (4 third-person perspective Survivors trying to power on generators for an exit gate while a first-person perspective Killer attempts to find/chase/sacrifice them on hooks) that Deathgarden is basically another take on.

They even have a handful of licensed Killers/Survivors in the game, the most recent being characters + a map straight out of the Saw series:

I guess Eternal Crusade is more known around here because of its promises and its original goals to be more MMO-esque but DBD is what has been bringing home the $$ for Behaviour to do stuff like Deathgarden.

Deathgarden itself is kind of ehhh from what I played, though I may also be biased because I really enjoy the thrill + strategy/mind-gaming aspects of Dead By Daylight. Deathgarden is basically a faster paced shooter-oriented game that takes the basic formula of DBD (Runners do objectives and escape once the gates are available; Hunter shoots Runners and executes them on what’s basically a hook that Runners try to free each other from) and does some different stuff but it feels really kind of… generic and uninspired to me.

Idk, maybe it’ll grow on me as I play it more but DBD has more personality with its characters (who aren’t just wearing bland faceless masks) and the ways in which you evade a killer are more exciting. In Deathgarden it’s basically “does the Hunter see you? does the Hunter know how to aim? If yes to both, you’re down and/or getting sent to the execution hook”. I’m sure it’ll get its audience and appeal to a different crowd though.


Also don’t really see how this is in any way Battle Royale-esque when it’s 5v1 at all times, unless BHVR changed something or added in a new mode. It’s basically 5 scrawny masked Runners vs an overpowered beefy Hunter that’ll down any Runner who stays in his/her crosshairs for too long. And for every 3 Runners downed the bloodpost activates which the Hunter can throw a Runner on and then execute, eliminating them from the game if another Runner doesn’t save them first.

Runners can’t actually fight the Hunter either, they can only stall/delay/annoy him at best. The real objective for Runners is to get their control points up or cargo delivered (depending on the mode) and then get the heck out of the arena before at least three of them are fully executed by the Hunter. That trailer was pretty horrid at actually communicating what the objective is for Runners… >.> they made it sound like it’s an actual battle arena like Evolve or something when in reality it’s Survive vs Kill.