Eternal Crusade considers battle royale mode, can’t comment on status of lead designer

In the grim darkness of whatever, blah blah explosions.

Even Warhammer 40K Eternal Crusade might be jumping on the battle royale bandwagon. That’s according to Behaviour Interactive’s latest pair of player-directed Q&A posts.

“We already have a series of Battle Royale game mode ideas, since it’s one of many ‘standard’ modes today,” says the studio. “Ours are of course adapted to fit with the 40K universe, and with the lore limitations. I also think PUBG showed how execution and nuances to a mode can really kick off something big. Just like LOL. It’s lower down the list of game modes we’ll prototype, as we already have some half-finished modes we’re applying to current maps, part of current maps (cutouts) or unfinished maps.”

The studio also notes it is indeed aware of the “brick wall of boredom” at rank 6 and is working on fixes, maps and storylines are under discussion now, and that a lot of game tweaks are doable – the team “just need[s] engineers” to make them happen. As for Steam Workshop integration – a ton of questions are about this feature – Behaviour says that weapon creation won’t be coming to the core game and that it has its eye on abuse such that it’ll be reviewing all submissions.

And there’s something weird going on with Noah Ward, who took over as the game’s lead designer earlier this year. When asked whether Ward is still working on Eternal Crusade, Behaviour replies,

“Right now he’s not in the office no, but we’re working on getting him back in. I can’t even legally comment on it right now. There were some bodies, power tools, such things. Just kidding, but no, he’s not in the office right now, and it’s a legal thing. He still loves you all.”

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