Absolver’s latest patch targets stability, bugs, and crossover masks


Absolver’s received a “major” update this week. It’s masks. No really, it’s crossover masks based on Devolver’s Digital’s other titles. OK, so that’s not really the meat of the patch, but it might be the fluffy highlight.

The game has received mixed reviews on Steam since its launch three weeks ago; critics point to its poor controls, brief PvE storyline, and connectivity issues while praising its excellent combat system and developer responsiveness. Fortunately, some of those problems are meant to be fixed by this patch as the team aims to “correct launch week frustrations“:

“The fixes include updates to online connection stability, server relays in specific territories, save file corruptions and several other tweaks to smooth out reproducible bugs reported by the Absolver community.”

The team states it’s sold 250,000 copies of the game to date; loot system and endgame reward retooling is still on the way. The update trailer is included below.

Source: Press release, patch notes

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Tobasco da Gama

Are they eventually gonna add the gunboots from Downwell?

Patreon Donor

I really enjoy this game a ton…in offline mode. Online is a mess and seems to be messier for some after the patch and of course others have noticed improvement. Mine has remained as poor as it has always been. The new stuff is really cool. This is a title I could see sticking with for a good long while IF they can get it to where it should have been at launch.

This game should be in early access or unreleased yet though. That’s my opinion on the state of the game. That’s not to say it’s a bad game. It’s not. It’s just not in a state that should be considered out.