The MOP Up: Blizzard’s new playgrounds


Ranked Season 4 started up in Heroes of the Storm this past week, and that’s just the start of the fun with Blizzard’s MOBA. The Garden of Terror update added the Fall of King’s Crest update, changed the Team League to support all party types, and changed up the battleground rotation.

And while we’re in Blizzard territory, the studio discussed the creation of Overwatch’s Korean-themed Busan map, in which it said “the water plays a part in each point.” Eager to play on this one?

Read on for a roundup of other smaller MMO news stories and videos from this past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see a news story that we should have, drop us a tip)!

That multiplayer fighting game with the weird masks, AKA Absolver, pumped out its free Downfall expansion this past week. Check out the new Downfall PvE mode, the Faejin combat style, and the school challenges.

Wakfu is gearing up for Halloween with its Update 1.61: The Shadow of Evil. Take on a new ultimate boss, explore Mount Zinit (at least the first part of it), and enjoy various QoL improvements.

Pokemon Go caught ’em all — all the money, that is. The game’s raked in over $2 billion to date. Wowza.

Sad news: PlayStation All-Stars on PS3 and PS Vita is shutting its online doors on October 25th, although offline and couch multiplayer will still be available.

Dark Age of Camelot’s developer grab bag tackled equipment questions, Minstrel spell range, and swing speed.

A whopping $600,000 is on the line at a worldwide tournament featuring PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The PUBG Mobile Star Challenge is drawing teams from around the bglobe to fight it out over a huge chunk of cash.

“Six weeks. Three events. One Worlds Pass. Tons of rewards. Welcome to League of Legends Worlds Season 2018.”

Whoops: (H1)Z1 Battle Royale accidentally banned a lot of players for “boosting” that it shouldn’t have. The good news? They’re now un-banned.

During this month, Riders of Icarus players can hang out at the GM’s Playground and play some hide-and-seek. That sounds like a responsible, grown-up thing to do.

“What happens with a MOBA comes to VR?” Apparently, you get Dark Eclipse for the PlayStation VR. It’s coming sometime this year by Sunsoft:

Earthfall just pumped out its Militia Update, complete with grenade launcher:


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Absolver is getting more interesting, now with solo and PVE i may try it.