Absolver shows off its upcoming free expansion, Downfall


It’s been quiet on the Absolver ranch for a while after the development team spent the early part of the year working on refining the game’s combat systems. Those of you with a marked interest in the build-your-own-combat mechanics of the masked martial arts game will be happy to know that this was just a prelude, though, as the game has a free expansion on the way for September. The Downfall update introduces a new style based on Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, a new Downfall game mode for fighting through an ever-shifting dungeon, and new School Challenges to promote your personal favorite style.

Players can also collect several new pieces of gear and get new powers from Gleam (which is collected from the Downfall mode, not some sort of hot new street drug). The team is also putting out a DLC pack for players who want to support the game with slight variants on gear, although the stats remain the same and it’s just priced at $3. So things are humming right along for the expansion in September.

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