The Daily Grind: How did you do with your 2017 MMO goals?

I did not get a handle on my fixation with robots.

The year is slipping onward, and while there’s still a few more days in the year, odds are good that your big goals are either done or no longer getting done. And whether they were formally written down, you probably had goals for MMOs this year. So the question is, how did you do with them?

Personally, I did all right. I wanted to try out more titles, which I definitely did; I wanted to hit 70 with all my jobs in Final Fantasy XIV, which I did quite quickly; I wanted to get class mounts in World of Warcraft, and I’m well on my way to having the full set. As a whole, my MMO goals went pretty well, and the only real losses were some roleplaying goals not quite materializing. I can live with that.

What about you, dear readers? How did you do with your 2017 MMO goals, however loose they may have been?

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Zen Dadaist

I succeeded in all my Warframe ones. Get all the things in the game that are not locked to not having been a founder or closed beta player. Do everything that doesn’t require public runs (i.e. everything bar raids).

I did not succeed in my Anarchy Online goals (complete my Shade and finish my MA twink) because 1) Warframe happened :D and 2) Funcom happened >:(


I made it a goal this year to return to Blade & Soul, as I felt I had unfinished business with that game. And I manged to return last month…a decision that has proven so far not to have disappointed. <3


Hit 110 on all classes in Warcraft, which was my goal for the first half of the year.

Then completed the artifact challenge appearance on my druid last week, which did not involve me swearing at my computer screen repeatedly, honest. Still, the shiny blue cat look is ace.

For 2018, I’m aiming to be more like BalsBigBrother and just have fun, but I suspect my brain is too achievement-oriented for that chilled-out malarkey.

Chosenxeno .

I failed. Nothing stuck. I did get into SWL and Villagers and Heroes Later in 2017. Had about 5 false starts in BDO(I don’t know how something like Villagers and Heroes can keep me more engaged than BDO but it does). My 500 hours in POE is the best I came up with. I got tired of never feeling badass in POE so I stopped playing. I think you can only reach “badass” if you read people’s meta build guides. I don’t like that(in ARPGs in MMORPGs it’s a necessary evil as your performance can affect the success of a Group). In D3 that wasn’t an issue. I became a “badass” on my own. Imo, there shouldn’t be “bad” builds in ARPGs. There should be good, better and broken:) Plus they refuse to sell Skill resets. I hate grinding for reset items. Just let me buy it omg! That said I should probably check the expansion at some point. I miss hate-loving the game.

Dragon Whimsy

My goals for 2017 were to pick a definitive main character for GW2 and stop splitting my attention among a ton of alts, getting nothing done on any of them. I did that and unlocked his elite specs and decked him out in full ascended equipment. I still haven’t gotten my griffon though or gotten him infusions for his equipment. So those are up next. I also still need to go back and complete the personal story and living world season 2 on him so he has a complete story journal.

But the big goal for 2018 will be to get my own guild hall and decorate it however I want. I’m super looking forward to that!

My other goal is to be less reliant on my guild for RP and to explore the wider RP community in GW2. I’ve really kept to my closest friends and guildies the last 5 years and I’d like to open myself up to also meeting new friends and experiencing new stories.

I also want to pick up ESO and play around there a bit as my “secondary” MMO. I’d like to switch back and forth between two MMO’s depending on which one has new content. After 5+ years in a single MMO I’d like to explore somewhere new occasionally even if I feel no real need to leave Tyria as I’m still very much enjoying my time there.


I somehow failed to try out more titles because this and that, still in time for my big personal starwarsy goal… get a guild capital ship in SWTOR all of my own.


Bryan Turner

I had planned on Raiding with my Reaper in GW2 but unfortunately their balance team is a Joke so that never happened. So now I’m playing ESO and leveling a Dragon Knight.


I tend not to set goals for gaming, other than a general have fun goal.

MMOs are harder. While they have specifics to achieve such as getting a mount or reaching a level cap, I find I jump around games too much to really have concrete goals. And the MMO scene for new western MMOs was pretty light on in 2017. I tended to play more single player last year.

2018 though. Well, first consideration this year is health. Knocking cancer on the head is my top priority. Hopefully find out that my first treatments have been successful early in the new year. And I need to lose a bit of weight so that I’ll be ready for a kidney transplant when one comes along.

After that, gaming wise, I have one goal for 2018 that I’d like to pursue that I’m calling the Steam Backlog Project. Like many, I have a ton of games that I bought in sales that I either haven’t played at all, or have just spent minutes in. I’d like to go through those and (if they are not horrible) complete them. Or just give them the playing they deserve.

Hopefully I’ll make a big dent in the backlog in 2018. More likely though is that that list will grow even larger.

For MMOs. Not sure. None of the games in development have really grabbed me. Not like games in development used to in the old days, but who knows the year hasn’t even started yet.


My big goal was to play MMOs far less so I would have the time to play those other games and it didn’t exactly work out. Which is pretty sad because I have games I’ve wanted to play for 5-8 years that I’ve never installed, and I haven’t played hardly any of the games I got last year.

Kickstarter Donor

I don’t have goals, I consider games to be for fun not achievement, but I have enjoyed various MMOs through the year – especially my main one, ESO.

Kickstarter Donor

It wasn’t a goal per se, but I finally beat the FFXIV ARR 2.0 content. Then I stopped playing completely for the last couple of weeks, burned myself out I guess. I’m sure I’ll come back to it, it only gets better from there is the mantra I hear.
In a way, that couple of weeks was sort of my real MMO goal, since I actually found time to work through some single player stuff. Beat Bastion, Transistor, Guacamelee, Strider, and about 40 hours into FFXIII. Started Axiom Verge, Pyre, and Nier, but then the holidays kicked in, and I haven’t had access to that TV, lol.