Tree of Life has a way for you to earn real gold with Bitcoin-like Boboo Coins


Fancy starting your own Scrooge McDuck gold vault so that you can go swimming in your riches every afternoon? You’re going to need to start somewhere, my friend, and your first step is to play Tree of Life.

The cartoony sandbox is running a bitcoin-inspired promotion with new “Boboo Coins” that drop in game from mining (naturally). These coins show up randomly and there are only a limited supply of them in the game, period. The challenge here is to find and sell as many Boboo Coins as possible within an undefined time limit.

The reward? The studio promised to mail an actual “real gold” Boboo Coin to the house of the player who tops the sales. The press release was a little vague as to the weight or worth of this coin, but still, that would be a pretty great prize to get, no?

Source: Press release
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