Mortal Online doesn’t just expose you to weather, it lets you control it


Mortal Online is going all-in on the weather industry. The forecast? A storm of fury, electrocution, and ice, all coming in a low front that originates from your very hands.

The PvP MMO just rolled out its second phase of the Elementalist school of magic, which allows players “the ability to control and change the weather.” As in, the entire zone’s weather pattern. Snow or rain? It’s your pick, buddy. But just wait until phase three arrives because the phrase “massive destruction” is being reserved for that occasion.

The free update also made some improvements to the thievery profession. Thieves can now steal trinkets, bribe guards, and use disguise kits. Sounds like just another day around the Massively OP office, really.

Source: Patch notes
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This is awesome!

Pi Er

It’s such an in-depth MMO. Really glad to see that gradually is becoming a richer experience. Elementalism and powerful magic is a great feature!

Unfortunately It still has MANY issues as a game though, not denying that…


Really powerful magic is something that I never understood why MMOs did not deliver more of, it is right up the alley of an interactive world. Every game should have magic tricks that can decide a whole battlefield, but with long cooldown. Developers are cowards for not wanting to go there.

In Wurm there is a spell that gives extra “sleep bonus” ( a good thing) to all players on the *whole server*. The cooldown period for that one is several months iirc, and it takes the cooperation of an array of priests to perform.