Ashes of Creation gives a first look at its season-changing landscapes

MMO landscapes that experience not just weather but actual changes to their seasons is always one of those features that is much-requested but rarely...
Guilty or innocent?

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite MMO weather effect?

When you first walk into the First in Final Fantasy XIV, you're greeted by the weather of Everlasting Light. While I don't know it...

The Daily Grind: Do you care whether MMORPGs have seasons and diurnal cycles?

In a recent One Shots, MOP's Justin asked readers to offer up their screenshots of MMOs with diurnal cycles - that is, games with...
It's fine.

Crowfall’s seasonal changes affect more than just the vistas

Forget oohing and ahhing over day/night cycles in MMORPGs -- Crowfall is bringing whole seasons to its campaign worlds, and they're going to be...

Mortal Online doesn’t just expose you to weather, it lets you control it

Mortal Online is going all-in on the weather industry. The forecast? A storm of fury, electrocution, and ice, all coming in a low front...

Warframe revises focus system, adds dynamic weather

Perfectionists, nitpickers, or insecure? Your call on Warframe's development team, although it does look like the members are striving to make the best game...

Raining outside? Sidewalks covered in snow? Better run out and play… Pokemon Go!

It's an interesting time to be a Pokemon Go player. Niantic's put out two events that greatly reduced the game's grind and setting community goals, granting regional 'mon back-to-back....

Chronicles of Elyria forecasts mud and snow, takes fans on a run through a mine

Big talk and intriguing ideas continue over at Chronicles of Elyria, where the team is giving players a vision of what the MMO's weather...
Baby, it's cold outside.

The Daily Grind: Which MMO is perfect for a snowed-in day?

There are places in the world where you never get a foot of snow dumped on you in the middle of winter. But for...
The sad loser peering across the landscape photo genre.

Check out some purty screenshots of Chronicles of Elyria’s weather and world

Making its way to Kickstarter backers today is December blog piece from Chronicles of Elyria covering... the weather. OK, so that sounds like small-talk on...

RuneScape embraces expansion model and announces in-game weather

At this past Saturday's RuneFest, Jagex made several major revelations concerning RuneScape's development and future. The decisions were made following a player survey asking...

Children of Ur adds localized weather

What's the weather going to be like today in your game? You might just have to ask this if you're apt to play Children of...

Exile Online shows off its weather system and armor concept

Whether you're in ye olde fantasy lands or the cold, dystopian future, weather is pretty much a constant force in the world. Exile Online...

Get your Dogma: Eternal Night fix with a trio of new videos

If your bloodlust is running a little high as you wait for Dogma: Eternal Night to be finished, then perhaps we can slake your dark...

The Daily Grind: Should MMOs do more with environmental effects?

I don't want to push the "IMMERSION" button too hard with this statement, but sometimes mine is bent a little too far when I...

Desert Nomad: Immersion, atmosphere, and roleplaying in Black Desert

Hello friends, and welcome back to Desert Nomad, your more or less biweekly source of ramblings that are almost guaranteed to be at least...
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Saga of Lucimia shows off its dynamic weather systems

Indie hardcore sandbox Saga of Lucimia has a brief video out today on its dynamic weather system. It's dark -- we're beginning to think...

Let it snow (and more) in World of Warships

World of Warships might need a meteorologist before too long. In an upcoming patch, the game will be adding a weather system for its...

Worlds Adrift details the dangers of its weather walls

In most MMOs, weather is merely a variable environment cosmetic. Whether it's rainy, sunny, or snowy, the only difference to the player is visibility...

Life is Feudal adds immersion with seasons patch

How many times have you expressed (or seen expressed) the desire to watch seasons change in an MMO? That's not a feature that most...