Get your Dogma: Eternal Night fix with a trio of new videos


If your bloodlust is running a little high as you wait for Dogma: Eternal Night to be finished, then perhaps we can slake your dark thirst with a trio of new videos today.

First up is a look at both the male and female character creation screens, including all of the sliders that you can handle! We also get to see the options to “vamp out” a toon, although perhaps the most disturbing part of these videos is how no one is shutting that refrigerator door. The food’s going to go bad, people!

The team also released a short video showing some of the rain and water effects from Dogma, which we assume will crop up a lot in this gloomy title. You can watch all three movies after the jump.

Source: YouTube #1, #2, #3. Thanks to DDOCentral for the tip!

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