Check out some purty screenshots of Chronicles of Elyria’s weather and world

The sad loser peering across the landscape photo genre.

Making its way to Kickstarter backers today is December blog piece from Chronicles of Elyria covering… the weather.

OK, so that sounds like small-talk on a slow train to boringsville, but stay with me: Weather is actually kind of a big deal in MMORPGs. Soulbound is playtesting the weather system and shares a ton of images that show off fog and snowfall, among other quirks in the world.

“In our last sprint, a lot of behind-the-scenes work went on that will be integrated into the build over the next sprint or two,” says the studio. “The most exciting being the prep work for getting the female character model, dryas elk, flower-cup porcupine, and ursaphant in the game. We’re all anxious to see the world populated with all the plants, animals, and people it deserves. Right now, the ratio of plants is much too high! Although, they are really pretty plants.”

The team also explains the delay behind its web store update and how players can bind their Kickstarter and game accounts to retrieve their game goodies.

Source: Kickstarter, blog

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