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Chronicles of Elyria’s Jeromy Walsh holds a ‘fireside chat’ that’s long on promise but short on timelines

Jeromy Walsh, the remaining developer on the multiple pieces of Chronicles of Elyria, is continuing to use his Discord server as a place to...

Chronicles of Elyria shifts development roadmap of its six different pieces based on feedback

Back in January, Chronicles of Elyria began an alpha test of a feedback form, then started to process some of that form's responses a...

Vague Patch Notes: Game preservation is way more complicated than it seems

Before I say anything with this week's article, I want to make something very, very clear right from the premise: As you have probably...

Chronicles of Elyria claims that over 90% of fans still want the MMO

As the saying goes, those who can't make MMOs, talk about MMOs. And so it is with Chronicles of Elyria's Soulbound Studio, which is...

Chronicles of Elyria begins alpha testing… a feedback form

Despite vows to bring about an alpha for one of the Chronicles of Elyria titles by the end of 2023, it should shock precisely...

Make My MMO: The biggest MMO crowdfunding stories of 2023

Welcome to a special end-of-the-year edition of Make My MMO, the MassivelyOP column where we - well, I - keep tabs on all of...

Pantheon confirms ‘247’ extraction play mode rumors: ‘This is not a cancellation of Pantheon’

Yesterday, we covered turmoil in the Pantheon Rise of the Fallen community stemming from multiple leaks from the game's VIP backer Discord. The leaker...

Rumor: Pantheon leaks suggest a monetized spin-off mode is en route for testing

The Pantheon Rise of the Fallen community is in uproar this morning over apparent leaks from the game's VIP backer section - regardless of...

Perfect Ten: 10 MMO things you can just stop waiting for

Sooner or later we all have to face facts and accept that something we wanted at one point is never actually going to happen....
This turned out super great here, guys.

Chronicles of Elyria studio tosses ‘quick release’ strategy after inking a licensing deal

Some train wrecks never know when to stop smoldering. You'll recall that at the top of 2023, Soulbound Studio's Jeromy Walsh vowed that the...

Chronicles of Elyria boss explains how Soulbound burned through nearly $7M in three years

"I wanted to give current and future business owners - particularly game developers - an understanding of the actual and hidden costs of running...

Chronicles of Elyria claims its Soulborn Engine ‘is a functional MMO engine once again’

It's time for yet another monthly progress report out of Chronicles of Elyria's Jeromy Walsh, who has offered more granular updates to the originally...

Chronicles of Elyria’s Jeromy Walsh: ‘Learn from my mistakes’

To say that Chronicles of Elyria boarded the drama train a while back with a long-distance ticket is a bit of an understatement (and...
That was a real laugh!

Chronicles of Elyria dev insists it will ‘return as a full-fledged MMO in no time’

Speaking of crowdfunded MMOs that ended up being a major disappointment (and the subject of a backer lawsuit), Chronicles of Elyria apparently hasn't given...

Chronicles of Elyria dev again recaps backend work, saying ‘the core platform is nearing completion’

We now return you to your regularly scheduled recap of whatever the heck is happening with Chronicles of Elyria, which... still doesn't appear to...

Perfect Ten: 10 MMO promises that are not filling me with confidence

Every game's development - and this includes MMOs - involves certain promises being made that the developers probably half-knows are not going to wind...
This is garbage.

Vague Patch Notes: The objective truth of ‘objectivity’ in games journalism

All right, folks, real talk: Originally there was going to be a much more sober and depressing column this week, but then this week...

Chronicles of Elyria boss justifies website rebuilding, communication, and re-opening the Discord

Last month, Soulbound Studios' Jeromy Walsh wrote another long-form address discussing the merging of design documents for Kingdoms of Elyria and its erstwhile (i.e.,...

Chronicles of Elyria apologizes for ‘toxic’ Discord, aims to test Kingdoms of Elyria again soon

In Chronicles of Elyria's second public missive for 2023, Soulbound Studios' Jeromy Walsh took his unjustifiably patient fans through the process of bringing both...

Chronicles of Elyria boss insists Kingdoms of Elyria: Settlements will ship in 2023 in spite of lawsuit appeal

Chronicles of Elyria made our list of the biggest MMO crowdfunding stories of 2022, but unfortunately not for good reasons. The lawsuit that the game's...