Fallout 76 players are finding ways to glitch into a secret developer room with unreleased items

This is what you asked for with another Fallout title, guys. This is what your hands have wrought.

We would like to preface today’s story of Fallout 76 having all the integrity of tissue paper in a hurricane by saying that you should probably not try to access this glitch, as you may very well wind up banned for doing so. But you’d be banned for managing to get into the game’s developer room, which allows you access to items that have not yet been officially released in the game and even a human NPC just hanging out in there. So perhaps it’d be the sort of ban that feels less like the death of an account and more like dying historic on the fury road.

The developer room is a long-standing feature in several single-player games containing every item in the game. Normally, it’s meant to be more of a treat for players who explore carefully and find a way in there, rather than a way in an online game to get access to items that aren’t even supposed to be released yet. There are stories that Bethesda is now handing out bans for players who manage to glitch their way into the developer room, but it remains to be seen if the studio can even track down all of the items that have been distributed into the playground, so to speak.

Source: Eurogamer, YouTube; thanks to Darthbawl, A Dad Supreme, and Bullet Teeth for the tips!
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