1990s MMO Tibia adds ‘retro’ servers


Few online titles can boast the lifespan of Tibia, which launched 22 years ago in 1997. Fewer still can be that old and still feature active development that occasionally makes headlines. Two years ago, the silent MMO was propelled into the spotlight with its Mystery Door saga, while this past week, the dev team decided to roll out new retro servers for its fanbase.

The team is opening up six shards on February 6th: Three that will feature “retro hardcore PvP” and three that will be more PvE focused. No character transfers will be allowed onto them, and the servers are going to be exclusive to premium accounts for the time being.

“If the mere thought of mortal combat stirs your blood and sending other Tibians to the temple brings you the greatest joy, then the new Retro Hardcore PvP game worlds are exactly what you are looking for,” the team posted.

Learn more about Tibia by reading MOP’s Game Archaeologist retrospective about its fascinating history!

Source: Tibia. ThanksĀ Panagiotis!
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