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Massively OP has a crack news team and clever columnists, but our team has always been wee and can’t possibly cover the whole genre given how big it’s grown lately. Let’s fix that! As we’ve been teasing since the holidays, we’re going on the hunt for some MMO specialists to join our crew and pump out solid content for our readers, especially in areas where we’re lacking. Here’s exactly what we’re looking for:

  • A biweekly Elder Scrolls Online columnist (you will be alternating with Larry in Tamriel Infinium);
  • A biweekly or monthly Black Desert columnist (you will be resurrecting our old Desert Nomad column);
  • A biweekly columnist specializing in a broad spectrum of live and upcoming PvP-centric MMORPGs (like Crowfall, Ashes of Creation, Camelot Unchained, and Star Citizen but excepting EVE), potentially expanding to cover PvP in other MMO titles;
  • A reliable freelancer who specializes in not-so-massive multiplayer titles (online shooters, OARPGs, battle royale titles, and to a lesser extent MOBAs, including Fortnite, Apex LegendsAnthem, Destiny, and Diablo, but excepting Warframe and Path of Exile) and can be called on to write occasional features on titles in that area for an MMO-centered audience;
  • A reliable freelancer who specializes in mobile MMOs and can be called on to write occasional features on new titles in that area in our Massively on the Go column (alongside Andrew);
  • A reliable freelancer who specializes in previewing obscure MMOs and multiplayer titles that nobody else is paying any attention to and can be called on to write occasional features on titles in that area.

We’re not opposed to hiring a writer to do multiple columns, of course, so please apply for everything you’re qualified to cover in-depth. (Worth noting here is that we’ve already got additional plans in the works to add brand-new columns for superhero MMOs, sandbox MMOs, eastern imports, Warframe, and Path of Exile, and we’ve just added a new gaming pop-science column, early access column, and RP column, so we’re not hiring for those, although if you’re applying for an open position and think you could also contribute to these, do mention it in your application.)

To apply, you’ll need to have…

  • expertise in and genuine passion for the MMO industry and orbiting genres/games;
  • vivid writing, exceptional grammar, and snappy self-editing skills;
  • a gaming computer, reliable internet, and familiarity with WordPress blogging;
  • work eligibility wherever you’re located (18+), Slack access in your region, and a PayPal account;
  • a phone number and email address where we can reliably reach you; and
  • an understanding of and commitment to our ethics policy.

Please also tell us if you…

  • have experience with a writing style guide, particularly AP;
  • have experience with and access to MMOs on modern consoles;
  • live near a major con city like San Francisco, LA, New York, Seattle, Austin, Boston, Seoul, or Cologne;
  • are willing to attend events to which you’d have to travel;
  • fluently speak any languages besides English;
  • enjoy flexibility during daytime U.S. hours for media events; or
  • have experience with stream, podcast, or video production.

That said, we’re primarily looking for feature writers right now rather than experts in other media. Our team’s diversity is one of its strengths, and we encourage people of all stripes to apply. You don’t need a journalism degree or a professional resume; experience on your own MMO blog is just fine. All writers on Massively OP work remotely, and all articles and streams are paid, with opportunities for additional assignments and pitches.

To submit your application, please fill out our application form (now closed). We’ll ask you for basic contact information, publication links, and statements about your experience and ambitions. We don’t need attachments, images, formal resumes, or excessive formatting. Your application is your very first test at following directions and crafting prose, so please don’t make it easy to toss you into the bin!

There is no deadline; we’ll be reaching out to the strongest candidates as we go, and when we’re satisfied with our pool, we’ll close down the application. Please note that because of the number of applications we receive for call-outs like these, we cannot respond to all submissions, but we are happy to answer broad questions in the comments here.

Good luck, everyone! We’re excited to be expanding!

Update 3/11
Hi everyone! We’re closing down the applications as we think we’ve got more than enough now to make final decisions on columnists and freelancers. We’ll be contacting everyone who applied shortly about the status of their apps!

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Interesting idea but scanning over the app, there’s a section for social media (which I don’t do) and a section for linking stuff I’ve written (anything available online is client-specific and covered by a NDA — nothing particularly game-related… just mostly technical writing). That said, I hope this turns up some more interesting writers! Especially for the superhero games…

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mike foster

If you’re wondering if you should apply, the answer is YES DO IT.

Working at Massively is one of the best things I ever did. The team is wonderful, the work is challenging… it rules.

Good luck to all of you applying!

Kickstarter Donor

I would love to apply, mmo games are my life but I fail on the first requirement – “exceptional grammar” makes me sad I have always struggled with this from school 30 years ago :(

Kickstarter Donor

I would totally apply for obscure MMO writer, but I am a terribad writer. Now, if you wanted me to blab on and on over video or livestream about the games. I have several gigs of stuff I’ve recorded and notes that I’ve taken about mobile and rando games. Plus, I like everything. No matter how bad I’ll find a way. I don’t know if I can write a negative review.

Eliot Lefebvre
Eliot Lefebvre

If you think you’re a terrible writer but like the idea, my recommendation is to go for it anyhow. Seriously, there’s no better way in the world to get practice at writing than by doing it – and if you can make a video that works, you can put together a thesis statement and thoughts and concepts.


My grammar skills suck, I’m too abrasive, and I’m pretty sure the staff would prefer to keep me at a safe distance.

Plus if I were published under my actual name I wouldn’t even be able to comment on my own articles pending moderator approval.


I thought about applying but leaving my gold in the comments is charity enough. :P

P.S. you guys do a great job, looking forward to reading who you hire.

Bruno Brito

Hope all of you guys the best of luck, specially the ones that apply.

Since my only skill in life is drawing, well, you all have better chance than me hahahaha

Bruno Brito

Only when i put effort in it. My knowledge is lacking when it comes to games in general.


…and from an area where English is not the first language too! o.O

Bruno Brito

My dad still doesn’t believe i’ve learned english by myself. I’ve always had decent english, but thanks to an specific teacher on my high school years, i had the chance to organize my vocabulary and understand certain rules.

Gaming did the rest.

Maggie May

With so many layoffs happening in this industry, I am glad to see you’re expanding.
Really nice to see, I will look forward to all the new content. And happy to know the yacht is still afloat!

Tina Lauro Pollock

I just wanted to add a pep talk here to encourage the less-than-confident among you to take a leap. I don’t want anyone who is interested and fits the bill to take themselves out of the race unnecessarily.

If you have that wee niggle that you’d love to do this but there’s an equally big pit in your stomach trying to swallow that niggle whole, bloody well APPLY ANYWAY. Don’t let the “what if”, “but”, or “meh” imposter syndrome voice talk you down… it will never appreciate the potential you have and the immense talents you possess, but you can be damned sure everyone else will.

If you meet the big stuff in the specification above but are missing some of the “nice to have” criteria, then damnit, APPLY ANYWAY. It’s not your job to apply the selection criteria, it’s Bree’s, and she is far fairer and much kinder about applying it than the doubts in your head might lead you to believe. No one person is the complete package, and you can be sure that for every person who doubts themselves, there’s another who will throw their hat in the ring anyway with the same skillset. Success isn’t magic: Put yourself forward and someone might take a chance on you.

If you feel that your skills or expertise couldn’t possibly rank up to someone else’s, APPLY ANYWAY. There will always be someone who ranks higher, ganks harder, or buffs up on lore more often, but that’s not a competition here. We each have a point of view and yours has an inherent weight to it: Don’t let that nagging doubt diminish that.

Finally, if you think that you’re not good enough or that your applicati0n will seem like a joke, APPLY ANYWAY. Oh crumbs, I understand how daunting it is and how cruel some people can be when they have the responsibility of hiring on their hands. I won’t say who it was or what site it was, but one recruiter posted a meme on Twitter about an answer I gave to a question on my application, and I’ve agonised over every application or CV I’ve sent to a potential job ever since. I really truly KNOW how scary it is to test yourself against an application process, but I submit those applications regardless because that one guy doesn’t get to dull my sparkle just because he doesn’t like the cut of my jib.

Bree might judge your application to determine your fit for MOP, but she’ll never judge YOU based on it. You will never find a nicer boss who can pull out the best of your efforts and will always value the person over the output, and that’s a promise and Tina guarantee!

Apply. Apply. APPLY. I can’t say it enough… don’t let your self-saboteur make this seem impossible if it’s your dream job! <3


I have rum if that’ll help?