The Daily Grind: What could your favorite MMO do to attract new players?

Sorry, guys.

Every MMO wants more people to play it. That’s kind of the nature of the thing. While no one working on Secret World Legends is probably expecting that in a few days it’ll be the most popular MMO on the planet with a huge player count, I doubt any of the staff members would exactly be sad if it happened. But, of course, there are a lot of reasons why a given game may not be as popular… and actual players are often pretty good at figuring out what parts of the game are just badly explained or off-putting to new players.

Star Trek Online has its rather counterintuitive skill system. Warframe has… well, every tutorial in WarframeEVE Online has its reputation and complexity. So today, we want you to take over the role of armchair developer based on what you know about what serves as a roadblock for new players. What could your favorite MMO do to attract new people? Not bring back former players, but quality-of-life changes that make it easier to start playing fresh?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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DDO: Desperately needs a graphics update. Probably not gonna happen but I can dream…If they did it though I think it could attract a bunch of new players because there’s a truly great MMO under the 2006 paintjob.


STO: The story missions are the best part of the game, but the early Starfleet ones are the worst of them and by the time you start getting to the really great ones (around Delta Rising for a Starfleet character – a Romulan starts playing much better content) you’re level capped and the game’s incentives are pulling you away from the story and toward the repeatable TFOs.


1. Do *something* about how weak the Starfleet PC’s Klingon arc, in particular, is – especially with how *long* it is.

2. Incentivize playing story missions at level cap. Put marks or really great gear on the reward list.

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Jack Pipsam

64-bit client, just in general.

Dilly Dolly

Only your own passion and the community’s passion (great video clips etc) could draw your friends closer to the game (play with you).

Those do not work if you (yourself) have no friends who want to follow you/try to play with you.
(Yes I’m playing an unpopular 7+ years old MMO.)

The developer? Cool trailers like Blizzard always does.

Mia DeSanzo

I am not even sure what MMO is my favorite. >.<

Malcolm Swoboda

Content, polish, and better monetizing. That goes for all my favorites.


CCP should consider leveling the playing field and stop using early skill training as a means to extend sub time.

How about letting all players have level 4 in every skill? Yeah, I said it.

Still would require some training to access higher tier ships, keeping the sub incentive alive.

Even better players could try their hand at every activity EVE offers without having to pick and choose, or have 6 active accounts to enjoy it all.

Would go a long way to dispelling the misconception long time vets are too far ahead and new folks can’t catch up and be quickly competitive.

Robert Mann

Release, and be awesome at what it does. Because my favorite at this point is an as of yet most likely unknown dream that nobody seems to have the cojones or know-how to make…

Melissa McDonald

I think it’s time for LOTRO to consolidate down to one or two servers. Then the game would seem well-populated again. It’s got too many servers at this point in the game’s life span.
On a related note, i am absolutely devastated that my buddy and 7 year friend and LOTRO partner “Gustopolis” passed away last weekend. I’ve barely the heart to play the game now. I suppose time heals wounds. But it’s still fresh.


For WOW, cut the rep grind. Everyone wants to be able to fly in the new zones… However, forcing the rep grind on casual players… you know… The ones that don’t / can’t log on every day… And don’t raid is what pushed me out. 10+ years of play and i chose to move away because I don’t find myself in the rep grind. I go through the story without missing a step… But the rep grind kills me and my short attention span brain.

However, every xpac the dreaded rep grind is back and is the de-facto method to progress for even basic things like flying in a zone.

Cut it off… Remove zone flight until x point in the game and remove the need to become revered with some dude before i can even attempt to get flight.