Rogue Server Roundup: Toontown Rewritten, Chronicles of Spellborn, and SWG Legends


Emulators, pshards, rogue servers: Whatever you want to call them, they’re buzzing with confidence right now. I mean, we legit got a properly formatted press release from a player-run server yesterday. This is a world where a whole lot of AAA studios don’t even bother with competent PR. This is amazing.

Anyhoo, we’ve got news today from three emus you might want to keep an eye on. As always, we’re doing our best to limit our focus to rogue servers for sunsetted titles – we’re not trying to put any live studios with live games in the ground here.

Toontown Rewritten

Disney shut down Toontown Online back in 2013, but Toontown Rewritten picked up the torch almost immediately with a solid genuinely free-to-play emulator and community big enough to host its own convention. Most recently, the developers have released a limited-time event dubbed Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters. “Toon Resistance has infiltrated Cashbot Headquarters and turned the boring shipping yard into a wacky area to explore with all of the silliness you’d expect from an attack operation led by Toons.” It’s live through May 31st.

Chronicles of Spellborn

Chronicles of Spellborn is a Danish MMO from the late-aughts with a troubled history thanks in large part to a messy launch and monetization scheme, but as our own Game Archaeologist has written, it was beloved by those who gave it a chance and managed to play before the company went bankrupt and the title ultimately went offline in 2010. But players have now brought it back to life after nearly a decade of restoration work. Earlier this May, the game’s Spellborn Reborn rogue server came online in open beta, meaning you can go check it out right now in person. (Thanks for the tip, Joseph!)

SWG Legends

Finally, there’s SWG Legends, probably the most popular NGE version of the fleet of Star Wars Galaxies rogue servers online right now. We’ve covered it in detail since last summer, but this week the devs ran a lengthy live Q&A session with the playerbase all about upcoming development on the game.

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