Toontown Rewritten sponsors convention for emulator fans


Perhaps one of the most amazing MMORPG emulator projects is one that has flown under the radar of the larger community. Following the shutdown of Disney’s Toontown Online in 2013, the community relaunched the game as Toontown Rewritten. Instead of wallowing in obscurity, the emulator has flourished with a vibrant community and regular updates.

It’s been so successful, in fact, that the dev team has held player conventions for years now. The next ToonFest is coming up at July’s ReplayFX Arcade and Gaming Festival in Pittsburgh, PA. It’s here that fans will gather together to meet with the developers, hear update announcements, and attend panels with the team.

“I still believe that one way or another, Toontown’s going to hang in there and have that long, long life,” said Schell Games CEO Jesse Schell.

Curious about Toontown Online and why it’s inspired such devotion? Read up on this title in our Game Archaeologist column!

Source: Press release. Thanks Joey!

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IronSalamander8 .

I played this briefly after launch. I love me some classic cartoon silliness and it wasn’t bad but it never enough to pull me in for more than that short stint. Glad it’s still alive though.

Kickstarter Donor

Disney is arguably the most litigious corporation out there, and they’ve singlehandedly stretched the limits of federal copyright law by nearly a century…so how has this managed to thrive?


Simple, they pretty much have no interest in the Toontown franchise. They leave it be on the condition that they don’t make a profit off of it or put it on sponsored places such as steam or the google store. They also required them to take out the disney characters who run around their respective playgrounds, but so far Clarabelle is still there, and Minnie Mouse during a dancing mini-game is still in. I *think* they got rid of the logos above the streets but I think the fountain with them is still present in TTC’s playground.

If they were to take a serious interest in making another Toontown MMO, I could see this going under to make way for it.

Ellen Wesley

I’ve been with Toontown Rewritten since a month after it was announced, and if I remember correctly, Disney never “required” anything of TTR, it was all TTR’s independent decisions to do all that to help ensure Disney doesn’t come after them. Disney has barely talked to the TTR team whatsoever, aside from showing that they are in fact aware that TTR exists.