The Daily Grind: Would you ever consider hosting a rogue server for an MMO?

The stuff that you have, does someone have a claim on it?

Ages ago, there was a server emulation project for Final Fantasy XI. The coding got hit with a cease & desist, unfortunately, and to the best of my knowledge there is no actual way to host a rogue server for the game right now. Which is a bit of a shame because it’d be fun to do… even if a lot of the changes I would have liked to see in the game are things that, well, have actually happened over the years.

This may well be me as an outlier, but when it comes to the very concept of rogue servers I tend to prefer less recreation and more using the parts to make something wildly different than the actual game. But let’s put that to a question. Regardless of the technical practicality of it, would you ever consider hosting a rogue server for an MMO? Would it be a recreation of a bygone era of the game’s development, a very different game based on the same foundations, or somewhere in between? And if you would, what’s currently preventing you from doing so?

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for me and my friends only: yes


I remember playing an awesome game back in the day called Dark Eden, pretty sure it shut down or got region locked I honestly can’t remember. I’d love to host a server for that or something along them lines, I wonder if there’s some private servers out there going to this day?

Nate Woodard



The pigtails have entertained hosting a WoW Legion server. Don’t have to scale it all the way back to Vanilla to get to the good parts, when the good parts where readily available in the last expansion. o.O

Taelon “Great Bird” Boot

I’d make a Mabinogi Private server. Stop the updates around the Genesis Combat rework with some modifications and develop things from there.

I’d remove the stupid flashy Maplestory-esque classes, like “Puppeteer, Ninja, Chainblade” and stick with traditional weapons, like Rapiers, Daggers, Satchels of tools, Crossbows, add more/different schools of magic, and probably a class or two suited to actually utilizing mounted combat, which was never ever expanded upon.

The combat system in that game was phenomenal, its a shame it turned out the way it did. There really was something for everyone. If I had the money, I’d rebuild the entire game myself. I cant even complain about the cash shop, at first it wasnt even that bad. On the other hand, the engine is God damn old, and has needed replacing for years.


A private one, for me and perhaps a few friends? I’ve done that in the past and might do it again in the future.

A public one, open to random strangers over the Internet? Not a chance. While I do have the technical knowledge I’m not a people person, which is kinda required if you want the server’s community to be pleasant.

Bobby Stanley

I would love to do this for Wildstar.


Actually, there a few “Rogue” servers for FFXI.


The main obstacle for me is the practicalities of hosting a server. It costs money to do and covering that cost usually means donations, and getting people to donate usually means all kinds shady p2w systems. None of that interests me.

Legal problems I wouldn’t worry about too much. In practice the people who host these servers don’t tend to get sued. Rather the risk is receiving a c&d letter but that just means having to shut the server down to cover yourself.

Fervor Bliss

If someone made a Star Citizen rogue server might play it. (someone should finish that game), but that is as close I might come.


Technically a Star Citizen private server won’t be a rogue one because we are supposed to officially get the required software to assemble private servers. Assuming CIG keeps their promises, of course.