Overwatch’s next hero is an astrophysicist gone rogue


We have all known for years that the greatest threat to life as we know it are mild-mannered and well-intentioned scientists who trample in God’s domain one too many times and then go sky-bonkers-cray-cray. So it feels as thought Blizzard is putting out a helpful public service announcement with the unveiling of its newest Overwatch hero, Sigma.

According to the studio, “Sigma is an eccentric astrophysicist and volatile tank who gained the power to control gravity in an orbital experiment gone wrong. Manipulated by Talon and deployed as a living weapon, Sigma’s presence on the battlefield cannot be ignored.”

So yeah, get ready to play a tank who also has the ability to manipulate gravity. Sigma can fling “hypersphere” grenades off walls, summon a floating barrier, freeze projectiles, knock enemies down with garbage, and fling opponents up into the stratosphere to admire the view before coming back down to earth. You can check out Sigma’s origin story after the break.

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David Blair

Instead of an “eccentric astrophysicist” I like to think his true backstory is “high school math teacher, driven insane”…


Can confirm, I taught junior high school math and I longed for the sweet cold kiss of oblivion some days.

“Sit down.”
“Sit down.”
“Stay in your seat.”
“Stop touching her.”
“Stop letting him touch you there.”
“Put your phone away.”
“Give me your phone.”
“You’ll get it after class.”
“Sit DOWN!”
“Don’t take her hygiene product out of her purse.”
“Don’t open that hygiene product in class.”
“Why is their a hygiene product in the middle of the floor?”
“I KNOW your phone/calculator can do this algebra. You cannot.”
“Please stop making that noise.”
‘And THAT noise too.”
“Why do I have to give So-n-so busy work because YOU put him on detention.”
“No I’m not racist for wanting your child to sit down in class.”
“Why would your child lie? Because they are eleven.”
“I just want your child to sit down and pay attention.”
“Where is your pencil?”
“Where is your notebook?”
“Where is you textbook?”

*eye twitches*

David Blair

I believe you have infinitely improved this character design. Just have a person strapped to a gurney, floating in the air and staring into the distance – repeating all of those quotes you listed.


I’m sure there’s going to be a Kotaku article disappointed about the ethnicity/gender of this individual.

Malcolm Swoboda

Maybe not(?) articles, but I think there’s already at least comments by some journalists and more randoms online.

Which is a little strange as this is the first white male they’ve added since release, and release only had like 5-6 or so out of I think around 20 (one of whom they’ve since ‘outed’ as gay). That may not be the most globally representative but its by far more diverse than USA/NA/the West’s demographics.