Ashen Empires emulator Dransik Rebirth is allegedly shut down by a cease and desist order


In May, our roundup of MMOs you’ve never heard of offered a quick look at Dransik Rebirth, a rogue server of the old-school MMORPG Ashen Empires, which we haven’t heard official word from since 2009. It would appear that it’s not officially dead, or at least not sleepy enough to ignore people using the game’s IP, as Dransik Rebirth has – at least according to the player dev – been slapped with a cease and desist order and taken offline.

As captured by our tipster, the news was shared on the Dransik Discord, which detailed the whole matter: The game server host was allegedly served with a DMCA claim by Pixelmine Games CEO Doug Gesler, effectively turning off the rogue server as a matter of legal course. Furthermore, the server files were recovered, but the source code lies with one of the emulator’s devs, who left the Dransik Discord server and has not responded to any messages from the other members of the rogue server’s team.

“I’m not sure on what the future of this project is,” wrote the emulator’s dev. “We had a good run and I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did.”

DMCA claim and unknown future

source: Imgur, thanks to Rusku for the tip!
Casting doubt on this official story, another trusted tipster pointed out to us that the game’s original devs had in fact been active participants on the now-hidden forums and that players had been given multiple stories over the years in regard to updates, funding, and the status of the server code. (Thanks, Panagiotis!)

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Bruno Brito

Won’t comment on the morality of Pservers, as always, that’s a moot point for me. I’m playing games, not discussing the human condition.

C&D’s normally are powerless. Most rogue servers are set up in places where the companies cannot touch them. Kronos is set on Eastern Europe, so Blizzard won’t be able to touch their server. Nostalrius was in France, and their team had their location disclosed, so they could be in dire straits.

When a server admin shuts down his server because of a C&D, there are normally, two reasons behind it:

The good reason: Either the server or the people behind it are vulnerable. Which can be avoided.

The bad reason: It’s an excuse to avoid being seen as incompetent.

A good example of that was the Felmyst TBC launch. Gummy was a known developer in the Pserver scene, because he’s extremely good at being a dev, and a TERRIBLE admin. He shut down three servers before Felmyst, and he fought tooth and nail to prove to the playerbase that his server would survive just fine being NA based.

When Felmyst launched, the urban legends is that his doorbell rang four hours later, and he received the C&D in hands. He made a video about it, saying: “No one could ever expect this”, and he was received with general scorn and boos, because EVERYONE expect that. You don’t launch a server, specially a hyped one like his, on Blizzard’s doorstep.

He used the first reason to avoid being seen as incompetent, which he already was. But it was pretty much all a ruse. He kept the server open for an entire year after that, by keeping a small playerbase, and almost no hype whatsoever, which allowed his server to surviver with 1k-2k players under radar in the US. I played Felmyst. It was a good server.

Pservers are by nature, sketchy, dark and dubious. I don’t think that’s debatable, nor do i care being called thief or anything. I’m aware of where i’m playing and i take all precautions.

I just find it funny that we give all this credibility to companies that are willing to nickle-and-dime us for every single feature under the sun, while treating their rank-and-file like complete garbage.


Private servers in most cases exist, because the official game no longer offers what players wanted and the developers did not listen to the players.

Prime examples:

– Vanilla WoW
– SWG (either pre-NGE or NGE)
– City of Heroes?

I personally used to enjoy a game called Forsaken World, but the patches and expansions changed it so much that I can’t even recognize it anymore. I started looking for a private server and sadly the only one I found with the version that I enjoy playing has x30 XP rate so it’s impossible to enjoy it.

Developers who send C&D and want to shut down such projects are hypocrites, because they ruin their games, because they feel the games should be like this and get angry and jealous that people want to play a previous version of the game and not theirs.

Bruno Brito

Developers who send C&D and want to shut down such projects are hypocrites, because they ruin their games, because they feel the games should be like this and get angry and jealous that people want to play a previous version of the game and not theirs.

I’m not here to debate the morality of playing Pservers. I told that specifically. People play for various reasons, Developers shut them down for various reasons.


check dates of blog posts – by devs