Apex Legends’ Grand Soiree Arcade Event features two weeks of changing game modes


Are you the sort of person who adapts to a new game mode in short order? Say, a couple of days? If that’s the case, then even you might be kept on your toes by the upcoming Grand Soiree Arcade Event in Apex Legends, which is changing up game modes every two days.

Between January 14th and January 28th, the battle royale shooter will be opening up an arcade with unique game modes like Gold Rush Duos where you and a friend fight other duos with gold weapons only, Live Die Live where defeated players respawn on living squadmates when the ring closes, or DUMMIEs Big Day, which appears to turn everyone into target dummies.

Participating in these game modes ties into a new event prize track where players can earn points to unlock a variety of cosmetic rewards. Each mode will feature three challenges worth a total of 1,000 points over the course of the event as well as event-specific challenges worth 500 points between January 17th and the 20th. The event track is tuned so that players don’t need to be present every day, though there is a special badge for trying every mode. Players will also still get to earn progress on their regular battle pass while playing the event.

Of course, there’s going to be goodies in the cash shop during the event as well, with a rotating stock of legendary skins and art deco-themed cosmetics at $5 a pop and six new legendary skins added to the core loot pool which can be purchased directly, crafted, or found in Apex Packs.

Make sure to look over the announcement for game mode dates and check out the video below for a look at the Soiree’s festivities.