You’ve got one more day to play Apex Legends’ original Kings Canyon map


It’s nice to see the battleground of your favorite shooter change, but sometimes those changes being made for change’s sake don’t always go over well, or you miss the old hiding spots, bottlenecks, and tactical advantages the previous map offered. Whatever the case, Apex Legends players have been able to get a blast from the past thanks to the temporary return of Kings Canyon.

The old map made a comeback this past Thursday, February 20th, and will be available through this Monday, February 24th, for those who would rather fight it out there than on World’s Edge. The map will be selectable via a separate playlist, much like other limited-time events. Judging by many players’ reactions to the announcement, there was much rejoicing.

If you happen to be an avid player of Apex Legends and also a Twitch Prime member, consider this your friendly reminder that the recently released character Revenant has gotten a special skin with Twitch Prime. You kids like those custom skins, doncha?


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I’ve been enjoying the heck out of it and appreciate that it’s the OG map. Tons of fun using the new dude on it too.