NASCAR driver botches yet another online iRacing esports event


It would appear that NASCAR drivers are no better than the worst esports gamers among us. An iRacing esports event with NASCAR drivers — the same sort of pandemic-inspired online event that saw driver Bubba Wallace ragequit — has once more gotten a spotlight for all the wrong reasons as driver Kyle Larson uttered a racial slur live during a race this past Sunday.

The slur was dropped when Larson appeared to lose communication with his spotter on his headset. During a mic check, Larson asked, “You can’t hear me?” followed by the n-word. Drivers in the chat reportedly immediately reacted to the slur, with one person quickly mentioning, “Kyle, you’re talking to everyone, bud.”

At the time of this writing, there has been no report of action against Larson, either by his sponsors or his team. Larson’s Twitter account and the website for his race team Chip Ganassi Racing are thus far utterly silent. Readers will also recall that Wallace’s ragequit during his event on April 5th immediately saw his primary sponsor drop him.

Suddenly, a ragequitting doesn’t seem so awful.

Update April 16
Larson did wind up making a public apology, but he was ultimately fired from his team, losing millions in sponsorships.


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Joseph Mcfadden

its NASCAR anyone at all really surprised at this?

Eric Diaz

Nascars tried really hard to get away from this image. Thats why its such a problem, and they are coming down hard on him.

Bryan Correll

The real kicker is that he had been part of NASCAR’s “Drive for Diversity” program designed to bring women and minorities* into the the sport.

*His mother is ethnically Japanese.

Eric Diaz

He’s been indefinitely suspended by Nascar this morning, and will be required to partake in sensitivity training. He’s also suspended from his team without pay. He will likely lose his sponsors over this as well.

Bruno Brito


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I watched a charity iracing event over the weekend involving some streamers/YouTubers and pro F1 drivers.

While nothing bad occurred in the same vein as above I have to say the F1 drivers were pretty whiney at times. For context someone in chat described them as the Premier League footballers of motorsport (this is not a compliment and I am sure uk folks get what I mean.)

Even so it was fun to watch and they did raise $30,000 for covid19 front line charities so that is the most important thing to focus on from the event.