ArcheAge Unchained’s ArchePass season three offers new cosmetics and a brave little hamster


The newest ArchePass is now live in ArcheAge Unchained, which means there’s new goodies to chase, including temporary mounts, cosmetic goodies, and a very brave and bold hamster among other things.

For the Vocation ArchePass, players can chase things like a temporary Seaskimmer Speedboat and Multi-Wagon Upgrade Tickets in the free pass while the premium pass offers some new costumes. The Equipment ArchePass free track is where the alluded-to hamster Chadwick the Bold can be found along with weapon skin creates and more costumes in the premium track. Finally, the Combat ArchePass brings all sorts of boosting scrolls in the free version and a salon certificate among other goodies in the premium version.

Basically, there’s a lot of things for players to work towards; they have until July 2nd to unlock all of the goods.

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