Ubisoft Montreal replaces vacant CEO seat with another long-standing executive


Earlier this week, we reported that Ubisoft had seen three executives walk from their positions as a result of mounting accusations of sexual misconduct. One of those execs was Yannis Mallat, managing director and CEO of Ubisoft Montreal. There has since been an update on who will be taking his position over: executive vice president of production Christophe Derennes, a 23-year veteran of the studio.

The decision could raise a few eyebrows, as having certain high-level people in greater positions of power was part of the problem to begin with. It also could call in to question the promised “structural shift” that Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot wrote about in his open letter. That said, it’s important to note that Ubisoft Montreal itself opened an external investigation process at the beginning of the month led by an independent firm for current and former employees.

Of course, time will tell the tale here, and we certainly hope that this new head of Ubisoft Montreal is a vast improvement over the previous one.


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Bruno Brito

So, does a external investigation warrants punishment by law?


Hopefully he’s not a creep and hopefully he doubles down on For Honor.

Also +1 for the For Honor header. Just a great, unique and completely under-reviewed game.