Kingdom Maker is a medieval fantasy mobile MMO of politics, love, war, and subterfuge


Ever wanted to manage a medieval kingdom from your favorite mobile device along with lots of other players? You’ll soon be able to when Kingdom Maker releases, a fantasy MMO that promises players a pocket-sized world of “adventure, war, love, money, building, & politics.”

Kingdom Maker, oddly enough, comes via Global Worldwide, which has its fingers in a lot of pies including agriculture, material sciences, and autonomous weapons systems. And now it’s branching into mobile games. Go figure.

Management of a kingdom is the name of the game as Kingdom Maker promises thousands of unique player interactions and quests, an advanced siege combat system, the ability to participate in espionage including kidnapping enemy nobles and holding them for ransom, and romance navigation in order to maintain a lineage via “sophisticated” genealogy and matching systems. It all takes place in a self-described massive world, though the size of this world isn’t outright provided.

In addition, composer Chance Thomas — aka the composer for games like The Lord of the Rings Onlineconfirmed on Twitter that he will be scoring the music for the title.

Details on when Kingdom Maker will be released are currently not known, but the game’s website does have a place for interested parties to sign up for a newsletter.


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Schlag Sweetleaf


man who would be king.gif

I think Global Worldwide is just a mobile game developer, who happen to be having a laugh with their website.


I think you’re right. I checked google and the website was first indexed on april 1st (!) of 2019. Seems a little strange for a company with products of this range supposedly founded in 1945 not to have a website until 2019.