Roblox scalpers make an absolute killing selling in-game Gucci handbags

Thousands of dollars for a pixel purse? Sure why not, that's reasonable


I can already hear Bree opening up her “Weirdest Stories of 2021” file folder for this one. Roblox, the game that now says it doesn’t host games but experiences, opened up a limited-time Gucci Garden Experience that invited players to “immerse themselves into [fashion designer Alessandro Michele’s] creative vision and his multifarious inspirations, and share the captivating experience of the exhibition with their friends.” In addition to this art exhibit/social space, the Garden began offering in-game Gucci accessories that players could purchase for a brief window of time, like a set of diamond-framed sunglasses or a Queen Bee Gucci purse based off of a real-life fashion line.

It’s that second item where we see things go haywire, as scalpers bought the in-game Queen Bee purse for its base price of 475 Robux (or roughly $5.50) and then resold the limited item for thousands of dollars. By the end of May 17th, when the purse was released, the average price of the Queen Bee soared to 134,257 Robux, or approximately $1,578.

Since that first purse’s arrival, there have been additional in-game Gucci purses available for sale at the Gucci Garden, but players have since learned their lesson and have been instead buying directly from the event, meaning further cosmetics haven’t seen quite the same price hike. As for the Gucci Garden, that will remain open until May 31st.

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