ArcheAge Unchained hands out a stuffed cow sheriff in latest ArchePass as the Freedom Festival returns


There’s a new sheriff in town. A new cowboy. Who also happens to be a cow boy. That’s the primary feature of ArcheAge Unchained’s latest ArchePass offering, which includes Billy the Moo, a sheriff cow plushie battle pet that does things like taunts enemies, buffs attack, defense, and magic defense, and throws milk bottles at foes. This battle pet sits at the final level of the premium version of the ArchePass, while both basic and premium variants have the usual collection of boost items, crates, and other goodies, all of which can be raked in until Thursday, August 5th.

In addition to the new ArchePass, both AA Unchained and vanilla ArcheAge have seen the Independence Day-minded Freedom Festival make its return. Players who are level 30 and above can take up quests from NPCs in the event grounds in Falcorth Plains to receive Freedom Festival Tickets, which can then be used on a Claw Machine in Mirage Isle to get three different kinds of party balls full of boost items, crates, pets, and fireworks items to mark the holiday. This event wraps up on Thursday, July 8th.

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