PSA: Closers is handing out free level 85 boosts until November 3

A Lad

Want to play Closers but can’t be bothered to do all of that leveling up or playing the game? Then you’re going to jump for joy for the game’s returning Jumping Character event, which is dishing out a ticket to boost characters up to level 85 and a whole bunch of related goodies for doing so.

The item couldn’t be easier to get: Players simply have to log in and claim their level 85 Jumping Ticket from the event tab. The ticket can be used for all of the Closer roster except for Eunha, and characters that do use the ticket will also receive a giant swath of items including gear, consumables, materials, and additional boxes with more materials each time a character hits the final three levels. The event is running between now and Sunday, November 3rd, and any claimed Jumping Ticket that isn’t used will disappear after that, so interested players may want to hop to it.


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Ville Uusitalo

event page says its from Thursday onwards – aka not right now:

Event Period

September 23, 2021 to November 3, 2021

Scorp Gang

Ah, the classic level boost trap. Trying to get you to their Money META as fast as possible.


i should hope it’d be free. imagine people actually paying to NOT play the game.

imagine going to a restaurant and paying them to NOT eat their food, so you can skip to the dessert.