Wild Terra 2 adds over 25 new peaceful skills, plans to open Plague Island seasonal content October 14

C'est la vie.

Wild Terra 2 would like players to both enjoy new peaceful skills and prepare for Plague Island. Both of these things sound diametrically opposed to one another, but that’s basically the thrust of the game’s content updates, starting with the game’s most recent update, which has introduced over 25 new passive and active abilities for peaceful skills along with some smaller adjustments and optimization fixes.

As for the game’s near future, the seasonal content that was first talked up in August now has a release date of Thursday, October 14th. The announcement comes along with additional details about the location, including the existence of an ore known as Morbium that lets players empower their blades or plate armors and some of the locations players will find on the continent. More details are forthcoming, including information about the island’s inhabitants, plagues, and rules like PvP rules and loot rules.

source: Steam (1, 2)
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