ARK Survival Evolved’s classic PvP servers prepare for Season 6 on December 15


Players of the dino survival sandbox ARK: Survival Evolved who love to pick fights with one another are likely already familiar with the game’s classic PvP servers as well as the PvP seasons that occur on them. There is now a new such season on the horizon, bringing more PvP-related goodness to players on Thursday, December 15th.

The announcement then goes on to remind players of just what makes this new season different, such as a lack of Tek dinos, no content from some of the game’s later expansions like Genesis and Aberration, no cave building, and highly accelerated rates of earnings for XP, taming, gathering, breeding, and more. The new season will also reduce the resistances of certain dinos and add the Reaper Queen to the Valguero Aberration Zone.

All in all, Season 6 is hoping to shake up the meta, so players invested in these PvP servers might want to keep themselves up-to-date on what’s new for this next run.

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