Phantasy Star Online 2’s volcanic Stia region drops Wednesday


No MMO is complete without the traditional Lava Zone, as we well know. Phantasy Star Online 2 must have felt the peer pressure on this, because the scifi MMO is opening up its own volcano region next Wednesday, December 7th.

The Hellfire Vanguard update opens the doors to the Stia zone, an “extreme volcanic environment where embers fly and lava flows.” There, players will launch from a base camp to explore the region’s secrets, beat specific Trainia challenges, and find invisible boxes (but… they’re invisible!).

The patch doesn’t terminate in just the zone, however. Phantasy Star Online 2 is turning the page to the fourth chapter of its ongoing storyline, raising the level cap to 70, adding more skills, introducing a pair of Battledia, and including a couple of new eight-star weapons. Oh, and you’ll be able to “double your eyelashes” in case your blinks weren’t flirtatious enough.

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