Atlas’ Season 11 adds a winter event, new buildings, cow carts, and a new grid editor features


Season 11 for the early access pirating survivalbox Atlas is officially underway, and it’s bringing a whole bunch of different things for players of the game. There’s the returning winter event underway with returning and new holiday-themed items, two new buildings in the form of a barn and a bait station, carts that can be pulled by cows, and another list of bug fixes.

The new season is also bringing some updates to the numbers and sizes of maps, with one 6×6 PvE server and ten 3×3 sized PvP servers open for the season, as teased previously, along with a wipe. If you prefer to run your own unofficial server, there are some new toys in this update for you as well, as the game’s server grid editor has gotten some upgrades like the ability to export and import server layouts.

source: official site (1, 2)
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