Ubisoft attempts to curtail toxic behavior… by using a voluntary self-training course


To be fair, some effort is better than no effort, but one also has to raise their eyebrows at Ubisoft’s Fair Play Program, which is an attempt to tamp down toxic behavior by effectively asking players to take up a voluntary training course.

Despite the course’s topic, the presentation might leave those who move through it feeling rather dulled, as the program is basically a series of quizzes and video presentations that bring to mind a white collar corporate training curriculum that office dwellers are voluntold to complete. One of the quizzes effectively boils down to a sort of personality test that tries to gauge “personal triggers” and cast a light on players’ “main reason to tilt” without providing many tools to curtail the behavior, instead simply suggesting players stay vigilant.

The program (such as it is) arises at a point when the Anti-Defamation League found that toxicity, harassment, and online extremism rose for the fourth year in a row, prompting members of the US Congress to send letters to game studios and publishers about what they’re doing and one Senator to write to Gabe Newell himself about Steam’s barely existent moderation.

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