Steam saw a record-breaking number of concurrent players on its platform this past weekend


The 500-pound gorilla of digital game storefronts beat its chest at the rest of the world this past weekend, then probably went back to sleep to ignore the calls for actual moderation. Steam blasted past its all-time peak concurrency numbers this past weekend, cresting at over 33M people online at once.

The data comes from SteamDB, which also reported that 10M players were in-game this past Saturday for the first time. Additionally, the last 24 hours saw overall concurrency near that 33M mark, while 28M concurrent players are online right now at the time of this writing.

These latest numbers shatter previous high water marks for Steam, which were over 20M in March 2020 and 30M in March 2022. For those who take deep (and weird) personal stock in this sort of thing, rest assured the king is still on his throne.

sources: SteamDB and Twitter via The Verge
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