Phantasy Star Online 2 celebrates its 2.5th anniversary (?) with a Super Genesis Festival


You’re going to have to roll with the oddity on this one because SEGA is celebrating Phantasy Star Online’s 2.5th anniversary of the New Genesis overhaul. Any excuse for a party, right? And this party benefits you, the loyal player, or you, the returner.

The celebration, which is already underway and continues through January 24th, is designed to help players level up faster through boosts and bonuses. The big dangly carrot for the event is a huge reward package for anyone who gets through Chapter 5 of the story. This pays out in 2.5 million N-Meseta, 2 Legacy Coordination Badges, “and other phabulous items!”

OK, Phantasy Star Online 2, simmer down. You don’t own that “ph” thing.

SEGA also said that players should see an increase in the rare item drop rate and better login rewards during this period.

Source: Press release, PSO2
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