New Hellgate game for PC and console, codenamed Hellgate Redemption, is in the works

Aw snap, here we go again


Hellgate: London is mostly known nowadays as the IP that just won’t die despite resurrections continuing to prove to be increasingly shambolic – a topic that our Game Archaeologist Justin has covered before. It looks like there’s still some meat to pluck off of the title’s bones, as developer Lunacy Games has announced plans to make a new Hellgate title, except this one has some pedigree behind it.

Lunacy Games‘ co-founder and CEO is Bill Roper, one of the original devs for Hellgate: London, and his studio has signed a licensing agreement with Hanbitsoft to create a new title codenamed Hellgate: Redemption, “a AAA PC/Console game based within the Hellgate: London franchise […] set in an as-of-yet undisclosed part of the alternate-history, demon-apocalypse world.”

Roper is naturally eager to return to the franchise in the press release and espouses the many new tech updates that have become available since the game first came out, including Unreal Engine 5, cloud-based servers, “many off-the-shelf solutions as possible, and great co-development partnerships.” Details about Hellgate: Redemption are otherwise being kept close to the vest, but the announcement promises the new game will keep to the spirit of the original while leveraging new tech for an “exciting new experience.”

source: press release, thanks to BoosterVII and Octahedron8 for the tip!
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