Murder corrupted bunnies in exchange for skins in New World’s Rabbit’s Revenge


New World’s great big super secret announceroo is next week, so ideally, you’ll have forgotten all about the bunny event by the time it kicks off. If not – or if you just really hate bunnies – then pencil this repeat event on your calendar as Rabbit’s Revenge is returning for 2024.

“The furry little killers are back for even more explosive vengeance. Corrupted rabbits will roam the wilds of Aeternum from June 4 through June 18,” Amazon says. “Hunt or be hunted in pursuit of new and returning event-specific loot. This rabbit season includes a corrupted Flail, a corrupted armor skin, and an emote that only the most corrupt Adventurers will discover. All rewards except for the emote are guaranteed after a certain number of corrupted rabbits have fallen.”

Yes, the event really does task you to murder as many lava-riddled, glowy-eyed demon-bunnies as possible, in exchange for loot: diamond gypsum, luck consumables, a storage chest, a flail, and of course, that ugly bunny hat. Note that if you want to guarantee you get everything, you’re going to be murdering as many of 400 rabbits. Oh, the bunmanity.

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