I’d like to contribute to the site. How can I help? You’re awesome. You can chip in through our Patreon, which has its own set of donor rewards, or PayPal. You can also help by buying your usual Amazon goods through Massively OP’s affiliate link, spreading the word about the site to other MMORPG players, and circulating our best posts on Reddit and social media (seriously, promoting our posts sounds silly, but it’s a huge help). Twitch users can also subscribe to our channel and donate directly through our Streams beginning in 2017. We are still partly ad-supported, which means whitelisting us in your ad-blockers is incredibly helpful. We also have affiliates, links for which will be displayed prominently on posts when logical; registering for games and buying stuff from them through us help us too. If you really don’t want to use Patreon or PayPal to donate to the site, contact us and we’ll figure out another way.

I really want to buy a Mo plushie or merchandise. We did do a run of Mo-branded t-shirts in 2015 and again in 2016, and we’re planning more with new designs and sizes. Plushies turn out to cost much more to manufacture than anyone should pay for a stuffed toy, though we’d really love to have them ourselves someday. We’ll definitely let everyone know as we launch these projects. One business at a time!

I think I’m still due a reward through Kickstarter or Patreon. Please drop us a note with your Kickstarter or Patreon name or email so we can look you up and get you sorted out. You should also log into the associated service and check your messages! Kickstarter folks due rewards should have received a survey and related Kickstarter messages in 2015; Patreon folks due rewards should be receiving (in some cases) monthly or even weekly messages depending on tier. We usually try to take care of them by the middle of the month after you donated, so if you donate to Patreon on January 6th, Patreon will charge you at the end of January and remit that to us in early February, and we’ll arrange your rewards by mid-February.

Ads & Bugs

One of your ads is causing problems or its content is objectionable. We never intentionally place annoying or harmful ads on our website; that doesn’t work in the short-run and damages us in the long-run. But sometimes odd things leak through our ad network, and if that happens, the best thing you can do to help is let us know through the tip/contact page so that we can try to do something about it. It helps if you can capture the domain name of the ad source so that we can get it blocked for everyone. It’s an even bigger help if you can take a pic and get it uploaded somewhere for us so we can track down the provider and either block or modify or report it. Maintaining our ads is a constant game of whack-a-mole, so we appreciate your patience and assistance!

I’d like to place ads on Massively OP or talk to someone about that. Send us a note through the tip/contact page and our sales rep will contact you separately from editorial.

Are there any known bugs on the site right now? Yes. Here’s what we’re focused on in 2017: Comment improvements, site speed, mobile ad distortion, Google ad script timeouts, mobile improvements, site navigation, template tweaks, giveaway improvements, and branding updates..

Fonts started looking terrible in Firefox in March 2016! This is the result of a paranoid change to Firefox plugin NoScript, which has begun targeting font blocks by default and is bugged not to properly display Google fonts on top. Once the NoScript bug is fixed, you should be able to whitelist/allow FONT@massivelyop.com or untick “forbid @font-face” under Options/Embeddings and then delete your cache.


Could you explain the thought process behind how you link in your articles? Certainly! We always link the first mention of a game to its respective tag page, at the top of which will be universal information pertaining to that game, including its official site, followed by other articles about that game (here’s an example). Some studios, people, and genre lingo will also have helpful tag pages. We’ll also pepper our articles with links to relevant internal articles, internal tags, and external sources. At the bottom of our news articles, you’ll also find separate links to the specific external sources referenced in the post. Games with affiliate links (we have about 20) will also have an overt link to the affiliate landing page.

What’s the best way to figure out whether you’ve covered a game or news on a game? Our games page links to content about all of our core games (and studios too). You can also bypass that by typing the tag URL yourself; for example, to find articles about WildStar, you’d type massivelyop.com/tag/wildstar. The search box on the upper-right-hand side of the sidebar isn’t too shabby either.

Why don’t you cover a specific game more? It could be that our readers or writers aren’t interested, or it could be that we’re not aware of what’s going on in the game. If there’s a game or event or news blast you think we should cover, please do send us a tip about it. We absolutely welcome such tips and do our best to credit tipsters.


There is a website out there that looks a lot like yours. That site is not affiliated with us or the Massively legacy in any way. If it doesn’t say Massively OP on it, it’s not us.

There is a website other there that’s copying/scraping your content. Send us an email with the link so we can take appropriate legal action (it actually works, so it’s worth it). We appreciate your looking out for us!


One of your videos is autoplaying, and autoplay is the worstYes, it is. We always disable autoplay on our YouTube videos for just that reason. However, Twitch embeds are bugged and often do not obey their autoplay on/off settings. Help us all by filing bug reports with Twitch!


I need help with comments! We’ve moved all of our comment-related questions-and-answers to the dedicated commenting page. You’ll find help as well as our code of conduct there!


Have you guys given any more thought to forums? They are still something we are considering. You guys will be the first to know when we’re ready. Stay tuned.


How do I contact a specific writer at Massively OP? Send us a note through the tip/contact page and the writer will contact you. Some of our writers also include contact information on their editor pages and at the bottom of their columns. Just remember that everyone who writes for the site is a contractor and that folks just don’t post articles willy nilly around here; articles are assigned or commissioned and go through an editorial process, which means that if you have an issue with an article, you’ll want to address that to the editors, not the individual writers.


I’d like to work for Massively OP. We’re not hiring right now, but when we are, we’ll post about it. We really like to hire our readers.


I’d like to follow just certain authors or games or types of posts. How do I do that? Our RSS explanation page ought to be a big help there.


Is it about ethics in journalism? It’s not, but we are. Our ethics policy is on our about page.