cma 2017

You could have tried harder. Or... at all.

Choose My Adventure: Secret World Legends and the mystery of the level-based curse

Would you believe that I sort of forgot about levels altogether in Secret World Legends? It's true! I remembered that they were a thing...
Seriously, someone needs to turn up the gamma correction in New England.

Choose My Adventure: Challenging currency in Secret World Legends

Here's the thing that I love to point to whenever I talk about this portion of Secret World Legends: New England is really kind...
Everything old is not new again, but is instead the same.

Choose My Adventure: It’s all the same in Secret World Legends

I was a bit disappointed to see that last week's poll for Secret World Legends went to the Illuminati. I played the Illuminati my...
So secretive!

Choose My Adventure: The truth is out there about Secret World Legends

Oh, Secret World Legends. What are you? Are you a Frankensteinian change forced upon an existing beloved game that sucked some of the life...
Bang bang.

Choose My Adventure: Not quite farewell to Guild Wars 2

I am not done with Guild Wars 2. This may or may not come as a surprise to people, but it's still the case regardless....

Choose My Adventure: All spoken out in Guild Wars 2

Well, this is a bit awkward. I appear to have run out of things to say. This is not inherently a bad thing. My time...
Some day, I will be good about screenshots. That day is not today.

Choose My Adventure: Map-based antics in Guild Wars 2

One of the points of the polls and discussions for Guild Wars 2 the other week was that while I could focus on either...
Life hack: Become a deity.

Choose My Adventure: Following a god in Guild Wars 2

To my absolute lack of a surprise, the fact that your abilities are so aggressively limited once you pick an Elite Specialization inĀ Guild Wars...

Choose My Adventure: Into the desert of Guild Wars 2

My first week of playing Guild Wars 2 again was interesting, in no small part because it's rare for my playtime to be so...
Bang bang.

Choose My Adventure: The return to Guild Wars 2

Many moons ago, when I was first hired on Massively-that-was, my fellow hire at the time was a lady by the name of Rubi...
Well, this is definitely a place.

Choose My Adventure: Shroud of the Avatar in summation

All the time through playing Shroud of the Avatar, I found myself wanting to like the game a lot more than I did. And...
So... this is a thing.

Choose My Adventure: Many kinds of lost in Shroud of the Avatar

One of the first things I did in Shroud of the Avatar was get kind of lost. The last week's activities were largely similar....

Choose My Adventure: The why behind Shroud of the Avatar

Finding the fun, I'm sorry to say, was a bit on the fleeting side. The problem isn't that Shroud of the Avatar suddenly stopped having...
It delivers something very much like what it promises.

Choose My Adventure: Finding the fun in Shroud of the Avatar

One of the things that I believe is utterly vital to writing about games in general and MMOs in particular is finding the fun....
So... this is a thing.

Choose My Adventure: Finding my way in Shroud of the Avatar

Heading into Shroud of the Avatar for the first time was a bit of a strange experience for me, right from the start. Usually,...
Well, this is definitely a place.

Choose My Adventure: Starting completely fresh in Shroud of the Avatar

I really know pretty much nothing about Ultima. This is only partly my fault. Way back when the Ultima games were a big deal on...
Ladies, please.

Choose My Adventure: Get out of here, DC Universe Online

So this is an unusual situation for me: I've never actually played a game for Choose My Adventure that I've disliked this much. Those of...

Choose My Adventure: Teleporting for fun in DC Universe Online

I may not be the best person in the world to talk about the stat revamp in DC Universe Online. Scratch that - I...

Choose My Adventure: Two approaches to whining about DC Universe Online

Dear readers, today I am going to try something different for all of you. And it's predicated on the fact that I'm not just...
Not so much.

Choose My Adventure: Starting out fresh in DC Universe Online

Last week was supposed to be when I kicked off playing DC Universe Online, but thanksĀ to various real-life time obligations, I just didn't have...