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See: SWTOR’s Knights of the Fallen Empire

The Stream Team: Heading to SWTOR’s Asylum

The Gravestone launched, and Massively OP's Larry and MJ got to see just how powerful this ancient SWTOR ship was. Is. Was: Many systems...
Worlds Adrift

Massively Overthinking: Breaking your immersions in MMORPGs

Veteran MOP reader and tipster Nordavind is going to break your immersions. Just kidding. He does have a question for us all on that...

Hyperspace Beacon: SWTOR Creative director discusses a ‘new adversary’

For the last five years and more, Star War: The Old Republic told the story of Tenebrae, a Sith of humble origins who rose...

Global Chat: Elder Scrolls Online renaissance

As I peruse a hundred or so community blog posts every day, it's fascinating to me to see what games the MMO blogosphere as...

Jukebox Heroes: Six MMOs that need official soundtrack releases

For an avid fan of video game soundtracks, and of MMO soundtracks in particular, the most frustrating aspect of collecting and listening to these...

Hyperspace Beacon: SWTOR predictions for 2017

Here we are again. Star Wars: The Old Republic survived another year despite those who predicted five years ago that it would shut down...

The Stream Team: There’s a new emperor in SWTOR town

What's done is done. And there's no going back. Massively OP's Larry is helping guide MJ's Chiss Agent through the first chapters of SWTOR's...

Hyperspace Beacon: SWTOR’s 2016 Report Card

It's that time of year again where we reflect on the year gone by and consider Star Wars: The Old Republic as a whole....

The Stream Team: Starting SWTOR’s KOTFE expansion

They've finally made it! Just in time for SWTOR's fifth anniversary, Massively OP's Larry and MJ have gotten MJ's Agent to the Knights of...

The Stream Team: SWTOR’s SCORPIO says what needs to be said

It's almost here. Only one more step stands between Massively OP's MJ and her grand entrance into KOTFE , and that step's name is...

SWTOR Knights of the Eternal Throne launches today; we chat with BioWare

Last year, the developers of Star Wars the Old Republic changed the focus of the game. Instead of continuing to make Knights of the Old...

The Stream Team: Completing more SWTOR companion conversations

Her work with Kaliyo (finally) done, Massively OP's MJ can talk to her remaining SWTOR companions in preparation for moving on to the Knights...

Hyperspace Beacon: What to expect from SWTOR’s Knight of the Eternal Throne

After some of the major flaws with Knights of the Fallen Empire, I wasn't expecting much from Star Wars: The Old Republic's latest expansion...

The Stream Team: Getting chummy with SWTOR’s SCORPIO companion

When SWTOR companions want to chat, they don't just want to chat! Last time, Massively OP's Larry and MJ were traveling about the galaxy...

Hyperspace Beacon: Analyzing SWTOR’s Uprising group content

Star Wars: The Old Republic dropped a treat this week by allowing fansites to tour Knights of the Eternal Throne. Although we can now see the...

Star Wars: The Old Republic provides backstory fiction for Knights of the Eternal Throne

Look, we don't want to spoil the ending of Star Wars: The Old Republic's last expansion story arc for you if you're still working...

The Stream Team: Conversing with SWTOR’s companions

The last time Massively OP's Larry and MJ had a bonus companion stream, MJ ended up married! Could it happen again? Before she moves...
The moment again.

Star Wars: the Old Republic goes into detail on repeating story chapters

If you were looking forward to hearing about what was changing with combat and class balance in Star Wars: The Old Republic's next expansion,...

Hyperspace Beacon: Are Uprisings the SWTOR group content we’ve been looking for?

As we step closer to the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic's next expansion, BioWare spills more and more information about the content...

Global Chat: The buzz over SWTOR’s December expansion

The Force is strong with Star Wars: The Old Republic's new expansion, at least by all of the buzz that it's created thanks to...